comment/suggestions Terrapin delta or Buddha Whipple

I’m interested in what people think of these two bearings? Which do they prefer and why? Which don’t you care for and or if you prefer something different. I’m looking to get a profiled bearing but am kinda in a run between these two and would like to know what you all think please. Thanks!

Terrapin bearings are much higher quality but the Buddha whipple is a ton cheaper. I’d go for the cheaper but it’s up to u.


Okay, well the owner of Terrapin sent me a free Delta bearing after I saw a post about them when they first came out, and I was raving about how much I like wing cuts. I got the Delta and used it for a few days, but since then I haven’t played it. I mean, the bearing is very high quality. It’s extremely smooth and almost dead silent. I just don’t like the shape of the bearing. Again, it’s nothing against Terrapin. They make the best bearings on the market in my opinion with their Steel and Ceramic Wing Cuts, but the V shape bearing just isn’t for me. If you have used this shape before and like it, or if you like to have really tight binds, then go with the Delta over Whipple. You will definitely get a high quality bearing. I can’t speak to the Buddha Whipple’s quality. I have used their rendition of the “Trifecta” bearing, and it was the quietest bearing I have ever used. I didn’t keep it long enough to know how it would perform after playing it for months like I have with Terrapins, because I eventually realized that I prefer flat or wing cut bearings. I can work with CT’s and Concaves too with no problem, but anything with more centering ability than those just don’t fit my preferences. That’s the bottom line in the end. You have to try it all to figure out what works for you personally.

Thanks all for the replys and the advice. The only profiled bearing I have is a yyf center trac and I kinda like how it is. This also made me wanna try out something like the Whipple or delta to see how an even more promenant profile would play.

try kk, those are my fav.

I’d like to know if the Deltas are ACTUALLY higher quality or if that’s just the marketing. Has anybody grabbed both, compared them visually side by side, and put them into the same yoyo back-to-back? I’d be surprised if there was much of a difference between them.

good point I have no idea, you should test that out for us :wink:

Yeah, that’s kinda what I wanted to know, to see if anyone actually had any experience playing both and what they thought and if the deltas are actually worth the extra money, or if it’s just a way to increase profit margins for Terrapin.

Good idea. I don’t usually notice big differences but I like cheaper bearings.

Some bearings are cheaper because they are cheap…

That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t actually compare the two. :wink: Whipples aren’t $0.10 each or something.