Terrapin Bearing Review

Terrapin X Delta 10 Ball Bearing Review

Recently I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity by fjh123, the owner of Terrapin, to try out one of his new bearings.

 In my opinion, the bearing is the most important part of a yoyo besides the yoyo itself. It can drastically change how a yoyo plays, which is why many people drop some serious coin on them. That being said, I'm not the kind to spend on bearings at all. If one of my yo-yos bearings seizes up, I just use another. Sometimes by some miracle the bearings issues are remedied without me doing anything, but most of the time the yoyo just sits there, unused, for a while.

This was the case of my first run Majesty. It was one of my top throws, but the bearing inside of it, I'm not exactly what kind it was, had many issues and didn't spin as well as I would have liked. So I just stopped playing my first run Majesty and played my second run Majesty. When I got my bearing to review, I immediately thought of my neglected Majesty. I popped it in there and threw for a little while.

The Majesty felt like a completely different beast.

It just felt more powerful, if I had to sum it up in more word. I could instantly tell that it was spinning a lot faster than it had been doing with the previous bearing. I felt that the yoyo was faster in general, no longer sluggish from a lackluster bearing. I nailed my longest combo easily, and then went into one of my more difficult combos that always considerably slowed down the yoyo. When I finished them, the Majesty was still happily spinning. I think this is due, in equal parts, to the shape of the bearing which centered the string and the bearing’s spin itself.

Overall things that I noticed with the Terrapin in my Majesty

Improved spin time

Improved stability

Improved speed

Improved sex appeal

Improved smoothness.

So, all of the 5 S’s that are crucial for any good yoyo.

Normally i’m not a huge supporter of premium bearings. But this may have permanently changed my mind. They way it changed my Majesty was awesome to say the least. Now its back into my weekly rotation along with my other Majesty. Some people have said that the Delta shape copies some other bearing. Similar designs of an innovative product are commonplace both inside and outside of the yoyo community. It encourages improvement and more innovation if anything. In review, this bearing is good. Very good. It reminded me of a OD ten ball in smoothness initially but with the stability of a grooved bearing. One of the best, if not the best, bearings I’ve used.

Reviews of my review would be appreciated. Please point out the numerous errors that I’m sure are within it.

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Very good review, I shall be trying a Terrapin bearing soon!

Very good review When Ive got some extra cash laying around I think Ill pick one of these up

Ladies and gentlemen, I have found the next Billy Mays…

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I got a Delta today as well and threw it in an Equilateral which already has really good spin times with it’s YYF bearing but with this thing in it just wants to keep spinning and didn’t really need much of a throw to get threw longer combos.

The centering reminds me of the Twisted Trifecta without any of the friction and binding felt similar to a flat.

He threw it in two with my order for the Ceramic Wing cuts which I thought was pretty cool.

So what’s the difference between the normal and the Delta?

The shape. On the wing cut, the groove is very small, it’s microscopic. On the other hand, the delta has a groove similar to the Buddha Whipple.

Glad you guys like them.
Thanks for the nice words…

Now on YYE… Check them out…

fjh why is the price difference so drastic between the delta ceramic and the wing cut?

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The ceramics spin longer, last 5 times longer then steel balls and TX ceramics never need lube.
And they cost twice as much to make…
Check out the cost of a KK ceramic vs. the steel…

I was wondering because it says ceramic deltawing

Other things you can do with a Terrapin X bearing…

does anyone know why my terrapin got extremely loud and now is very rough and I only had it for about 4 days.

Just pop off the shields put it in a stick and spin it in some acetone then flick dry. It will be fine.
Any problems just let me know.
Thanks John

Improved sex appeal, I need that… need to get some of these… haha

Great review.

Yes, sex appeal is very important with a bearing…

If you are throwing around women, be careful, they’ll be all over you.

Terrapin it is then. ;D

I have tried a couple of different Terrapin bearings and because they work so very well I have a couple unused ones on hand just in case I need them. They have great spin times, they last and each transaction was prompt and courteous.