Another Yoyospirit Review: Fjh Terrapin Wing Cut Bearing

(Upper left is the Terrapin, upper right is the Center Trac, lower left is your standard KK, and lower right is a 10 ball KK.)

Ok, this review is a bit over due. Let me start off by saying what pushed me to purchase a bearing from Fjh is not all the great things people say about Terrapin bearings, this was one of the reasons, but what really motivated me to purchase a bearing is because of how great of a guy Fjh is. I was looking to trade for a few broken bearings (don’t ask), and he offered to send me a few no charge, I saw this as a chance to pick up a Terrapin bearing, which I have never tried before. So here is my review.

So what makes a Terrapin bearing stand out? It’s the treatment that Fjh gives them. I don’t recall what he does to them, but I think it’s some sort of coating on the inside of the bearing, so the bearing won’t need lube and spins much longer than your standard bearing. To clean Terrapin bearings, you don’t soak them in solvents, instead all you’ll need to do is take off the shields and blow on the bearing with compressed air. Any particles will be blown out. The bearing itself is a stainless steel 10 ball bearing with, you guessed it, a wing cut. I think at one point someone said Fjh cuts his bearings with a CNC mill. Looking at the bearing, you can barely make out the wing cut, but during play, this bearing does it’s job of centering the string. Obviously not as well as a KK or Center Track, but the string doesn’t bunch up a lot either. If there was one improvement I would suggest, it would be for Fjh to sand and polish his bearings after the cut. The string doesn’t glide on the bearing as smoothly as most other bearings.

(Center Trac, Terrapin, and I forgot which is the 10 ball and which is the regular KK)

So how does this bearing stack up against other bearings? I tried this bearing in many different yoyos, and I have noticed a boost in sleep time in each yoyo, my grinds were a bit longer, and I could pull off more tricks than I usually could on one throw. On a flick, this bearing can out spin most other bearings, except for the 10 ball KK, but in a yoyo, the Terrapin bearing out performs the 10 ball KK. Compared to a regular flat bearing, the Terrapin does make side ways tricks a lot easier. So in conclusion, I wouldn’t say you should go out and buy a ton of these bearings for your yoyos and throw out your old bearings, but I would recommend buying a few to throw in your competition throws or your daily throws. If you want the best bearing you can get, here it is.


I 100000% agree with you. They are awesome. Wait til you try one of his Ceramics. :smiley: dat pop!

That was a nice review. I can now identify a few bearings due to your photos. Would you be interested in creating a post with just bearing photo identification? In other words, how to identify one from another? I enjoyed it from that aspect. Nice job!

Maybe some other time lol Right now I should be getting to bed, have to wake up early.

Thanks for the nice review…
As far as the flick spin goes keep in mind the Terrapin X wing bearing has a much liter
outer race then the U-groove bearings, so less momentum on a flick.

If you at the World’s and came second…Think about it…

Are you implying that a bearing is going to make the difference between first and second because that’s hilarious


^ This. Go easy on the constant marketing and let your bearing speak for itself.

I personally found that the “groove” didn’t really help with string centering any more than a flat bearing. I was a little dissapointed… =/

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Idk, sounds good to me haha

OK, so it went over a little better with my yoyo friends on facebook…
and the string will center with a decent throw

So you’re once again putting down the yoyo/player and saying it’s not the bearings fault?

Bearing is a bearing is a bearing…

And the spin time from a flick of your finger means nothing, it is not functioning in the same way it will on a throw.

So if a bearing doesn’t spin on a flick, does that mean it’ll work perfectly fine in a yoyo?

Talented throwers that have them know…

Sure, if its packed full of thick lube.
I obviously wasn’t talking about seized bearings, but functional ones.

The guy that makes these bearings come off as a total tool. If I need a replacement at any point I know where not to go. Maybe I’m just not good enough for this dudes bearings.
Or maybe his stuff isn’t any better than anyone else’s so he has to go around the forums telling people they’re no good so they can’t say anything that isn’t full-on praise about his product.

You sure know how to alienate the very people you are trying to sell to. When somebody doesn’t agree, you call them hacks. Well played! LOL

This wasn’t meant to turn into one of “those” threads :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone’s a little mad… There are small children on this forum, pal.

Nothing set off the censor, I’m fine.

This just gets better and better…
So funny.