Another Yoyospirit Review: Fjh Terrapin Wing Cut Bearing

What are you so angry about all the time? Do you need a hug?

This right here is why I’ll never be touching your product. Amazing way for a business to conduct itself


I think youve done more harm than good at this point making this review :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed the surface of these bearings scratch meaning unwanted friction

Fjh is probably a nice guy, but him advertising everywhere he goes just doesn’t sit right with me and I know I’m not the only person that doesn’t like it. I haven’t tried any of his bearings, but for the price of the ceramic wing cut I could pick up an Alpha Crash with a generic kk that plays amazing. However, even though people seem kind of split on these bearings, Fjh’s dryplay lube seems to have mostly positive reviews.

I guess i shouldn’t buy a Terrapin bearing because i am not the best thrower… That stinks, I really wanted to try one ;)…

Way to ruin your company…

Sorry if I come off a little bit blunt at times but it seems that most throwers who actually use TX bearings spend little time on forums.
Some of the ones who do you can check out if you Google: Terrapin X bearing review
Thanks for the positive and negative thoughts, it all helps…

You PROBABLY want to market to people who are not already the elite. They’re the ones directly supporting the market (ie. making purchases), not the highly ranked players.

As for the highly ranked players, I’ve seen a good number with CTs, KKs, OD 10-balls, or just “whatever”, but I’ve yet to see one go out of their way to mention how much a Terrapin X helped their game. Have any insisted on the Terrapin X bearing in their signature throw?

“Guys, this bearing is great. I really think it can help anyone out, especially as you continue to improve your throw,” sounds a whole lot better to me than “learn to throw and then maybe you’ll be worthy of this bearing.”

So much of your messaging is just counter to the purpose of marketing which is to make sales and secure a loyal base of return customers. But we’ve had this conversation before and I know it goes in one ear and out the other. :wink:

I have one of the S/C 10-balls. It’s a good bearing! I ended up lubing it in the end, intentionally sacrificing its intended performance… but even lubed it’s a decent bearing. Technique is infinitely more important than the bearing, but it’s certainly not hurting me to have the TPX installed. But even owning one and using it for nearly a year now, isn’t enough to secure my repeat business.

Why in the world would you put lube on it to sacrifice the performance …?

At the end of the day, it was either take out the bearing and put something else in, or put in lube. If I want to throw in the same room as my wife (I do!), I need quiet bearings. You can have performance or you can have silence, no matter what the bearing is. I’m not entering competitions, so I chose silence. :wink: The lube won’t “hurt” the bearing itself, so if I ever decide I need the performance back, I’ll clean it.

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haha, I think the worst thing I can say about my terrapins is almost the same thing. Girlfriends mind that you’re up until 4-5am working frequently but accept it because it helps support a very enjoyable lifestyle. So far I haven’t found one that feels the same way about the screeching of a bearing in the living room at 4-5am when I’m done working and want to play around a little before I sleep. In my case that just means that my yoyos with terrapins are not playable at 4-5am lol. It’s good to have options!

You will find if you play it for a while and spin them in some acetone they will quiet down. The ceramic balls will polish down the steel races.
By the nature of them being totally dry and ceramic balls they may not be as quiet as a lubed steel bearing.
And yes they were designed for competition and advanced play.

However the 10 ball steel DryPlay bearings, being reviewed on this post, are as quiet as any other ones.