Buddha Bearing; whipple, ripple.... Dimple?

Out of the three, which plays the smoothest,quitest, and spins longest ?

My cousin let me try out a Buddha bearing once and I loved it, but forgot which it was :stuck_out_tongue:

The Whipple. Only because it’s the cheapest, there will be no functional difference between any of the Buddha concave bearings to be honest.

The Buddha line-up as I can recall it:

Simple: Flat
Dimple: CenterTrac
Ripple: Trifecta
Whipple: V-shaped.

Of the 4, which spins the longest? That depends entirely on the bearing being in good playing condition and the player’s ability, and to an extent, the yoyo.

Ignore spin times. If you can get through your combos and still bind it back, you’ve got all you need and then some. That right there is all that matters.

Is there a big difference between center and v ?
Would a v be good in a shutter and equilateral?

The flat center allows for better layering in my experience

The CenterTrac provides a flat area for the string to move, yet the raised angled edges help keep the string away from the response until you want it to bind. I just put the Dimple bearings in my two Shutters. As I showed, Dimple=CenterTrac

The Equilateral ships with a CenterTrac and I like how that plays in there, no need to change.

As far as the Ripple(Trifecta), I’m not against grooved bearings, so you should try it and see what you like. I do use grooved bearings in many yoyos.

I haven’t used the Whipple bearings. I bought 4, got 5, gave 2 away to a friend of mine, leaving me with 3. I’m interested to see how a V-shaped bearing will work, but I suspect it will be like a harsher grooved bearing.

As always, experiment with bearings to find what works best for you in a certain yoyo. It’s not about “what’s best”, it’s all about “What do you think you like best and what works best for you in a given situation”. That’s all that matters.

Torn between whipple and dimple :confused:
Dimple is only 8 balls, is there a big difference between 8 and 10
Balls? I heard 10 is smoother.

No really no difference. If anything 10’s tend to be more finicky and get loud and responsive more often.