Whippel bearings, Whose getting some?


Just saw the Facebook post, Im really excited!


What facebook page?


Buddha bearings Facebook page

(Jei Cheetah) #4

Heck no


Why not? It’s a centering 10-ball bearing for only $4.99 if I remember correctly


Could you link the page or tell us what exactly they’re doing with this new bearing? I don’t have Facebook, and couldn’t find it (although I didn’t search very hard).

EDIT: If it’s a string centering bearing for $4.99, I may pick one up to try, but I most likely won’t use it heavily; I’m not a big fan of string centering bearings. I find they bunch up string, give me slippy binds at times, and don’t give me longer spin. Flat bearings are the way to go.

Could someone still link the page?

(Jei Cheetah) #7

Yes, you pointed out exactly my reasoning for my high levels of “donotwant”


We’ll see. It’s challenging for me to buy from other places, not just because I want to support YYE (which I do) but because only YYE is Canada-friendly on small orders like this would be.

I like that the centering, as a “V”, doesn’t “grab” the string the way a groove does. Means that you’re not chopping the effective width down. Grooved bearings will usually release the loop, too, but it takes a bit of friction to do so.



I feel like the pure V-shape might lead to all the string segments crowding the center and causing issues, but i’ll be curious to hear how they play.


Josh doesn’t like 10-balls…

But for me I like 10 balls since they are quiet and I’m a fan of string centering bearings and it’s so cheap so I might have to get some of these…


In my experience, 10balls are finicky as heck. Also, as Nathan said, the v shape looks like it’ll be absolutely awful for multiple layers of string during tricks.


I might possibly try one or two out. I’ve never really bought bearings. Always used the stock or ones that came in my YYF Mystery Box. Either way, they all play fine. I don’t know. I might snatch some up just because they’re not too pricey, but some I see some people are expecting problems from it… We’ll see. Waiting to see feedback if anyone gets to try one.


So they’re basically ripples without the concave?


wAit, im confused… I already have a Buddha ripple bearing, what’s the difference?

Is mine a concave and “v” shaped, and this one is “v” shaped and 10ball??


I was playing a yoyo the other day, and the strings seemed like they were having a lot of friction. Kept playing and playing, but it seemed snaggy and bunchy.

I thought to myself, “I guess I’m advanced enough now to finally see what those guys are always talking about. Time for a flat bearing.”

The clever of you already know what comes next: it was already a flat bearing.

I have plenty of specialty bearings, and they all work pretty good. I like the silence and spin time of my Trifectas, so it’s not about the “profile” for me though these things might be related. I think that this “string bunching” conclusion is intuitive and logical, so I don’t blame people for reaching it.

But I really doubt that for many of us it is an issue. Once you’re 5 layers of string deep, you’re bunching up no matter what. I’d rather my strings were bunching on each other (and I’m using a string type that can handle the friction) than against the response (which will NOT be able to handle the friction, by design).

Despite some people claiming the contrary from time to time, whenever I turn around I discover an elite-level player using profiled bearings. There are also plenty using flat bearings. I suspect the majority have a “slight” preference but would do fine with any yoyo you put in their hands.

The inevitable conclusion? Try one and see if you like it. I will definitely be finding a way to get my hands on one or more of these.


Ripples are concave and have ghat little thing at the center, the whipple are v shaped.


No. They are concave, look at the picture. The difference is that there is no groove, and the concave is V shaped, not U shaped.


Oh, so they’re a bearing with a very wide groove? So the groove is the size of a concaved surface? Anyways, it looks nice for its price.


I’ve played all of the Buddha bearings (except for this new one of course), and the Ripple is definitely a concaved 10 ball with a groove. It is a Trifecta clone, straight up. This new bearing looks like a very sharp v, with no groove. Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing reviews, but I’m personally not a fan of 10 ball bearings either.


FYI, Buddha Bearings and Twisted Stringz all get their ten ball kks with the groove from a place in China at $2 a pop. Either way, I’m excited to see how these play.