Buddha Whipple?

Is the Buddha Bearing Whipple alright? What are your guys opinions on it? It looks like it would be pretty nice, but I just wanted to ask before buying. :slight_smile:

:+1: Using one right now in my Klr.

Both that I had locked up…not sure if I’d buy them again.

I haven’t had any issues with them yet. I have 3 right now. I gave a pair to a friend for his Speedaholics for 3A and they were fine. He gave them back to me for a cleaning and Dry Play treating after breaking them in. They appear to be behaving quite nicely.

Alright. Thanks everyone. It seems like a pretty nice bearing to me… I think I’m gonna go with it.

The one I got with my Neuae was awful - has a small vibe and no matter how much I clean it it’s still responsive for some reason …

Now on the other hand Buddha ripples are my absolute favorite.

I have never enjoyed any type of Buddha bearing and have gotten rid of every one that ever came with a yoyo I purchased. There’s a reason they’re so cheap.

I have yet to have a problem. Our experiences obviously vary. I find they need to be broken in, cleaned, then treated and I get optimal performance out of them. I don’t often go with grooved bearings though. I’ve been lucky though, but I do have a growing stack of bad bearings. Most of these come from BST deals. Annoying how they cram their crap bearings in an offloaded item. Whatever. Bearings are cheap.

Sounds like you got a dud bearing.

I do prefer the Dimples(CT type bearings).

lol at thinking cost has anything to do with yoyo bearing quality.

Yeah that’s kind of selfish to do . Selling off yoyos with bad bearings but then again I wouldn’t want to sell my ( shutter ) or something and give away my trifecta.

It may be selfish, but it doesn’t bother me all that much. My mindset is “put the yoyo in the best possible condition before sending it out”, or at least be up front about the bearing situation.

Either way, back to the topic at hand:

I’ve had reasonable success with most bearings. The one I have the least amount of success with is the YYF SPEC bearing, which consistently seems to not be up to snuff as far as most other bearings. That’s not to say they are junk, but I can only say that if I had to judge based on what’s in my “bad bearings” box, there’s too many of those.

What I find odd is when people get a lot of bad results from a specific kind of bearing. It is possible.

I know. I know cost has little to do with bearing quality. 99% of my throws I play with the stock bearing. The cheap YYF stock bearing that came with my Shutter has dozens of hours of play on it and has always worked beautifully. I’m just saying that I’ve purchased throws that come with Buddha bearings and they’ve always required a swap out. I’m not going around putting $30 bearings in all my throws at all. But I sure get my money’s worth out of an $8 One Drop 10 ball more than any other bearing.

I love my Whipple Bearing a friend gave it to me for my Duncan Strix and it play’s beautifully. But it is personal reference and all.

Like most bearings from China, some are good and some are not…
You get the luck of the draw…

N8Dogg, that’s interesting-- a lot of people, including myself, LOVE the 10-ball (I will always have a place for it!) yet still acknowledge it as a finicky bearing almost always requiring some break-in and finesse before it plays nicely.

As for the Whipple, I’ve had… 5? And no problems thus far. It’s a good bearing. I find the “V” shape isn’t as pronounced as pictures make it seem, so it’s a perfect middle ground between flat and concave-profiled bearings. Strings can still make their way out to the response fairly easily with multiple string layers.

I always have bearing issues with all bearings. And unfortunately I do not have enough bearings to be picky about which I have. As long as they spin decently and aren’t too responsive it’ll work for me.

They’re OK for a string centering bearing… spin times and stability is certainly better than a 10 ball flat. However, it does add a slight vibe in my experience and doesnt seem to last as long as other bearings, but they are dirt cheap especially if you buy them in 4 packs which I did… Its a decent bearing though, especially for the price.