buddha bearings?

anybody used one and how do they play compared to a onedrop 10 ball?

I actually like the buddha bearing as much as, if not more, than the OD 10 ball. In my throws that I do change the stock bearing, its either a OD 10 ball or a 10 ball buddha bearing. They’re pretty comparable imo, but then again, I also feel like a bearing is a bearing- so long as it spins and isnt responsive I’m pretty happy.

And they are really cheap like 4 for $15

I’m pleased with the quality of the Buddha bearings. I am planning to get a few more. Both the flat and dimple ones. It’s always good to have enough to go around.

As good, possibly better. Ive only had one for a day, so im not sure yet. Best value for a yoyo bearing ever!

How can you say that when you have only had it one day? Lol, I mean you have had OD ones longer, so you can’t comment on the Buddha until you have had it long enough. How can you even break in a bearing in a day?

I knows it’s a good DEAL they are really cheap

oh, i traded my center track for it and it was semi beoken in. Now its even awesomer, and i can back up my previous statement more assuringly.

Gahh! For some reason the Buddha bearing I got wasn’t so great IMO it seemed to be very loud even after lubing an cleaning

All of mine are dead quiet, quieter than my OD ones.

Fair enough man