do i have a buddha ripple or whipple?


So when i got my new bearing (at a real store) the guy just said its a Buddha bearing, and its grooved. I wanted a string centering bearing, so i got one. It was $11. On the little bag, it just says CD Buddha bearing. Is there a big difference between them? Thanks.


Buddha bearings usually sell for LESS than that at another online yoyo retailer.

They usually come in a paper envelop with their logo on it. They usually don’t say on the package what kind of bearing they are.

If it’s grooved, and it’s a Buddha, it’s a Ripple.

Simple is flat.
Dimple is center-trac profled
Ripple is Trifecta type(grooved and profiled)
Whipple is V-shaped. Think KK without the curve, just a V down to the center.


Ya. Also the whipple and ripple have 10 balls and the dimple has 8 balls. If you check its balls it should rule out if its a dimple bearing or not.


I thought the dimple had 8 balls.

EDIT: Nevermind. I just found out they have 8 balls.