Bearing dont know wich to get

Should i get a terriphin delta cut or wing cut for my dark magic 11

I wouldn’t get a really expensive bearing for a Dark Magic II, maybe an OD Ten ball or CTX. But If you do get a Terrapin, get the Delta cut because it is cheaper and honestly looks better anyways.

Ok lol

I only really react to posts that Amaze me for some reason or another. This is ‘another’, lol

You suggest to 'Get the Delta because it is cheaper and “looks better anyways”.

I know most people buy bearings based on expected or at least perceived performance potential.

But I have Never heard anybody suggest buying a bearing because it looks better.

That is just way too funny.


I would agree unless one was talking about the full ceramic in the purple Evora :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the nsk ds platinum the best right now. I also really like the KonKave bearings and the Buddha Whipple.

Sorry, I should have been more clear. I think the Delta cut looks like it would perform better, based on my opinion of the design and from what I have hear. I did not literally mean that it is a better bearing because it looks nice or would look good in a yoyo. For example if someone says “That candy bar looks good” they probably do not actually mean that it is visually appealing, it means they think it would taste good and they want to eat it. Same thing with this bearing, from what I have heard, and how it was designed, I think the Delta cut would be a better option. My fault for the misunderstanding