Terrapin X Wing SC problem

For some reason its playing extremely responsive. i have already cleaned it in acetone but it only made it worse. Ive heard such good things about his bearing so i know it must be something wrong with my bearing specifically. I’ve already contacted John and he seemed more than happy to replace it/ fix it if I send it back, but I just wanted to know if anyone else has had this problem.

And I know it can’t be the yoyo itself, it works perfectly fine with the yoyo jam speed bearing. I have the DM2 with flowable silicone pads

all my Terrapin X bearings have been better than better.

First, is it playing gritty? They tend to do that at first. Play through it. Maybe add a drop of acetone to move around the Dry Play material. Spin, see where you re at.

Second, they send a bit “gritty”. That’s normal too. That will smooth out after you’ve been playing it a while. They won’t feel it though.

John is a cool guy who fully backs his product.

Alright I’ll keep playing it. I was just curious because it was advertised as dead unresponsive out of the box and several people said that theirs were. Thanks for the advice

Terrapin x S/C ceramics are totally unresponsive from the start. I test every one prior to shipping.
Something must have gotten in it.
Just applying a drop of acetone is not cleaning.
Swirl it around in a small container of it with the bearing on a stick of some sort and flick 'till dry.

I have only had two S/C bearings sent back in 6 years.
One I just cleaned and returned it, the other had a fractured ball, I replaced it.