Terrapin X wing cut spin time

I’m trying to link video but having problems.

Anyway. Just got bearing back in mail today and put in on bearing tool gave it a spin and it dies in like 3 seconds. Is this supposed to be broken in to get more than that? My cheap YYJ bearings spin for like 10-15 seconds easily by just a flick when new.

I posted about how the bearing didnt spin for more than a few seconds and a rep had me send it to them but am getting the same results with this one as well. Idk…?

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That’s what it seems like lol. I doubt was on purpose though or wouldn’t think so anyway.

You sent me that bearing to fix or replace.
All I had to do was clean it in acetone and it would spin on a flick for over 25 seconds.
I tested it in my under size M-1 and it slept for over 3 min on just a drop.
Perhaps you have some other problem.

I have 10+ other bearings that I test exactly the same way, just a flick like in the video and they all spin fine except this one. I had cleaned it in acetone twice before sending it to you. That is why it didnt have the shields on it when you recieved it.

I do not know what’s going on either as the video speaks for itself. I can post up multiple bearings all on something and give them all a spin if that would make it any more clear of how it does not spin at all like it should. Perhaps there is some voodoo or something but I def wouldn’t have sent it off if hadnt cleaned it and blew it with compressed air before hand.

Bamboozled… You think so?
This bearing was purchased from YYE

I will still stand behind it…

Ask YYE what they think the problem is? Or have you done that?

What would be the point in that? He’s dealing directly w/the vendor (fjh123 ) here.

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Nobody else have problems with these wing cut x bearings? Was wanting it to ease myself into flat while not having a perfect throw just yet but this has been nothing but problems even after sending it to a rep. No difference from when I sent it to when I got it back so just makes me wonder if this is what the standard is. My Hyperion was playing responsive and had others test their Hyperions just to rule out the yoyo since I’d cleaned the bearing to rule it out. But then after receiving the same bearing back from the vendor which he claimed worked just fine put a big question mark on it for me. Guess will just stick to the more traditional types of centering bearings until my throw/play improves. I know some yoyos are much better than what I get out of them since my lack of keeping the less stable throws from spinning out during tricks makes me think they aren’t as good as other throws even tho I could have a different opinion if could keep the less stable throw stable by improved play.

I had similar issues with my bearing, but with some patience and persistence the baring finally started playing as expected. I think these bearings may just have a long and sporadic break in period, I’d suggest a regimen of gyroscopic flops and regular cleaning in Acetone, ensuring to rotate the bearing in the acetone, not just shake it, and finally when your patience is ready to snap, take a lead pencil, poke the tip into the side of the bearings and push the balls around.

After that I achieved the 3 min spin just from rolling it off my hand.

Yes it’s a pain in the rump, but when all is said and done it does come out as a very high performing bearing.

I had a a similar issue with one where I got very little spin on a finger flick but cleaning it with acetone fixed it right up for me and now it plays as well as my other 3 terrapins.

I am curious as well to know the problem. If you would like I will send you a new one, thrown and tested, and a package with shipping paid to send the defective one you have back.
Of the few bearings I have had sent back over the years only one was defective, it had a fractured ceramic ball. The rest just required cleaning.

Have you cleaned it yourself?

Yea. I’ve cleaned it in acetone twice maybe three times. And yes I desheilded it swished it and spun it all normal cleaning methods. I always cleaned it with other bearings so don’t know if black stuff is coming out of this one or other bearings. I use a white coffee cup to clean bearings way can see the debrees left in the cup after cleanings. I’ve had black/dark particles each time I’ve cleaned them.

You have my address. I will not hesitate to send this bearing back to you. You might want to add two stamps though as I had to pay postman last time. Postman paid the extra for me and I just had to pay him back.

No need in adding return packaging. I can send it no problem.

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Are you cleaning it in pure, 100% acetone? I’ve had issues with my terrapin wing cut bearing before, but a quick clean in acetone fixed it right up.

Don’t forget to spin the bearing after you’ve cleaned it, to get all of the acetone out of the bearing. If you don’t spin all the acetone out, it’ll leave a residue that will mess up your bearing.

i got a postage due also it was crazy.

Well of course its 100% acetone and yes I spin the bearings many times during and after the cleaning process. Wouldn’t be cleaning if did otherwise.

I have a TX Wing Cut in my Ti Walker (Oh the luxury) and have yet to have a problem.

I have had problems with certain bearings in certain yoyos, however. For example, my Capless couldn’t handle anything but a flat bearing for whatever reason.

Try the bearing in a different yoyo.

I can relate. The same thing happened to me, where it just would not spin for the longest time. I cleaned it multiple times. Nothing. I did the pencil thing a couple of times, and then it worked. Now it works perfectly. Just give it some time.