Bearing help


I just bought a terrapin SC bearing and it just seems to play a little funny. The spin time seems short. (Way shorter than the SPEC bearing in my dv888 I replaced it with) and when I finger grind the string catches around the yoyo. I’ve already cleaning it, is there anything else I can do?


How did you clean it?


May have gotten something in it somehow. Swish it around in acetone and don’t lube it.
I have very few problems with the S/C but I will fix or replace it if the problem persists…john


I was going to say that even though John says there’s no break-in, I find the break-in period is rather short(minutes).

Just play it a bit longer. Odds are your throw might be a bit off. I have days like that, and no bearing will help a bad throw.


Well this is the second bearing I have gotten, the first got replaced due to being very responsive. I have already cleaning it in acetone and didnt lube it. I figured I’d try to break it in, not sure what the problem is.


You don’t need to ever lubricate a Terrapin X S/C bearing, or really, if properly maintained, any Terrapin X bearing.

I don’t know how many Terrapin X bearings I have. I don’t have a single problem with any of them.


I threw it quite a bit prior to sending it to you, bounced it up to see if the string would follow the bearing, it did not. Not sure what your problem is. The S/C ceramics do not require a break in period. I have only had two bad ones in 5 years, one had a fractured ball and the other got magnetized in shipping. The one you sent back was fine after I cleaned it but I sent a new one anyway.


I understand. And like I stated before, I’m sure it must be something bizarre because I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. I’m not saying they’re bad bearing, I’m just having trouble with them.


If you’ve recently replaced the response pads, it could just be that those need some breaking in.



Get it figured out yet?
The S/C ceramics have a life expectancy 5 times that of a steel bearing and never need lube.
One of the best throwers in the planet got five S/C’s in '09 and they are still going strong.
As I told you, I’ll fix or replace, just let me know…


Actually after cleaning it about 5 times I must have knocked something loose finally. It works great although every once in a while it catches sometimes. Not a big deal though. Thanks!