terrapin X lube making bearings responsive

I’ve been putting the terrapin x stuff in my crucial grooved bearings, and it’s making them responsive. I’ve tried cleaning them, lubeing them, and using compressed air on them. What else can i try?

Clean them with acetone. Touch the stuff to 2 balls. Spin, spin, spin, spin. Play for a few minutes. You may want to add a drop of acetone after that and spin for 2 minutes. Blow out the rest. Play for a few minutes. Happy? Re-shield and enjoy your Terrapin X treated bearing.

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It requires very little dust, when I say VERY little I mean it.
It is .003 microns in size but it goes on in little clumps.
Spinning and a bit of acetone will displace it properly.
Any residual oil left from improper cleaning may cause it to clot.

The little container of dust will do hundreds of bearings.

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and now we know, and knowing is half the battle :slight_smile:

only half…

Yeah the other half is wit…