terrapin ceramic bearing stopped up

Hey I played with my new terrapin ceramic bearing for about 3 hours and it suddenly became gritty and refused to spin. What should I do?

Spin it in some acetone and it should be fine. I test every bearing prior to shipping.
Perhaps a bit of grit got in it.
If not, I will repair or replace it, just let me know.

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Thanks so much! I’ll try that tomorrow morning and I’ll message you if it still doesn’t work

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Glad it’s fine now, no lube required… ever…

I had this happen, too, and I’ve seen several other people have it happen. I believe it’s just a routine part of owning this particular bearing. A few hard throws and something gets dislodged or otherwise creates grit.

As fjh says, some acetone cleaning seems to clear it up for the most part. It seems common enough, though, that I wonder if there’s a process that can be done to take care of it? Not everyone will expect this step or own acetone. On the other hand, nobody wants to pay a huge markup (and it would indeed require markup!) to have someone else “break in” a bearing.