Terrapin bearing cleaning..?

Whats up ya’ll? Can anyone tell me what the scoop is on a procedure for cleaning terrapin bearings?I’ve always been a 10 ball guy, and i know how to clean those just fine.
But, I have a Terrapin wing bearing that i got in a trade. It was supposedly brand new but it’s locked up after about an hour of play. Now, I’ve heard that you can’t clean them using your normal bearing cleaning procedure because it will ruin them. What’s the deal, and what can i safely use to get it working properly again? When it was working right, i really liked it and am anxious to get it running smoothly again. Is there some special cleaner i need to use? Help me out. I am not at all new to this, so just point me in the right direction.

John recommends cleaning in acetone, then a touch of his magic Terrapin X Dry Play lube powder, then perhaps a drop of acetone to move it around, let dry and done.

You may wish to order a packet of the Dry Play material. You can give hundreds of bearings the Terrapin X treatment this way.

Theoretically, a Terrapin X bearing should never need maintenance. Was there a dot on a shield? John marks them.

Worse case is that John gives a lifetime warranty on his work, so if it is discovered to be bad, he’ll take care of it for no charge. Well, maybe postage. John’s one of the good ones, he’ll ensure it’s taken care of.

Yes, there is two red dots on the shield. I am sure it is a legitimate Terrapin bearing. I have no idea why it locked up like this. I have taken the shields off and looked inside, and also tried blowing it out some with compressed air, all to no avail.

I’d just contact John directly. I’d use his insight. He may have seen this before and knows just what to do.

With 2 dots, is that a Wing Cut?

Yeah it is a wing cut. I really liked it too… You know how i can contact John?

Send a PM to: fjh123

I really like the wing cut ones.

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I can repair or replace it. Just PM me for details.