Terrapin X bearings on YYE

Wait but it’s legal? Have my medical card. But it’s all good, won’t happen again.

Wait, why isn’t It complaining? In my “opinion” it’s complaining. Can I not state my opinion? And in my opinion if they were to speak up, in a different manner, they wouldn’t have that problem. If they choose not to seek a replacement that’s on them. Who wouldn’t seek a replacement? Especially if free. Wouldn’t make sense not too, but maybe that’s just me. Anyways everyone else chimes in so I figured I would too

You asked why it is not “complaining.” Webster’s definition of a complaint is expressing “grief, pain, or dissatisfaction” in this context. Neither poster stated they were dissatisfied. One simply described his experience when he used it and stated he was not sure why it played that way, as it was not reflected in the reviews he read. A person reading that, should take it for what it is, not that he was in any grief, pain or dissatisfaction. A person reading that for what it is, should simply conclude that he found the bearing gritty and loud, and if someone reading it likes gritty and loud…cool. His experience is what it is. Further, he described Terrapin “bearings” plural, which means he has tried more than one. Your suggestion that a replacement might change his experience is probably incorrect, as he tried more than one of them to reach his conclusion. He was not expecting it to play that way after the reviews he read. Simple as that. The other poster commented that he had the same experience, and was planning to “keep it,” to monitor the performance over time. He has not expressed any dissatisfaction at this juncture, and stated he was going to keep it. This suggests he is not at a stage where he is dissatisfied to seek a replacement. Therefore your suggestion of a replacement for those posters, is not even applicable. If I described my vacation to Disney World and said it was “crowded and the weather was hot.” I’m describing how it was, not stating I was dissatisfied with the trip for those reasons. Some people like crowds and hot weather. How they interpret my comments as positive or negative is their choice. People who like crowds and heat might go there based on my statements, while those who do not, might pass. I am describing what stood out about it…my observations. Therefore a description of an experience is not complaining, it is a description from someone’s perspective. If the posters said they hated the bearing, would never buy another, would not recommend it…those are “complaints,” as they indicate dissatisfaction. If either poster is dissatisfied, I have not read it so far based on the statements above. To answer your question, about whether you can state your “opinion,” by all means do so, and I will opine in kind about my disagreement with your opinion. Further, now that you realize they have already spoken up regarding this, you now prefer that they do so in a different manner. They chose this manner, because the OP started this thread, so they are addressing him directly about the experience and sharing with others. I have no way of knowing if the OP replied to them about their experience and wants to offer them a different one. They spoke up in the manner they chose, and despite the reports of good customer service, you are not the person who can make them any guarantee on a replacement or great customer service. The OP can, you cannot. By all means chime in, but don’t take offense at my disagreement. You added your positive experience and made a contribution, and everyone reading can consider the whole picture. I think reviews of the bearings are overall generally positive.

Apologize for calling you guys complainers. Wasn’t a diss, just felt like you guys could turn your frown upside down by hitting terrapin up, not really trying to argue with someone over a Internet forum, doesn’t mean that much to me, and I’m not sure why total artist takes so much time to write such long comments, I didn’t even feel like reading it because of how long it is. I’m just gonna say I’m sorry and move on, so please if you could totalartist let it go, I’m over it. I don’t think they’re complainer Ight?

Awe, I was hoping you at least read it. I thought it was a good one, I even mentioned Disney World (never been). I was not arguing at all, so I hope you don’t see it as that. Hardly anything on a yo-yo forum is that deep with me really to call it an argument. I figured I’d answer the questions you asked me and explain, just because you asked. No apology is necessary, as you have a right to your opinion. I think everyone in here has had something to contribute, and while we don’t always agree, that allows you learn things from other people. I like to hear all points of view and it helps me make up my mind about things. That is why I wanted to hear some of those complaints you discouraged :wink: Just kidding. Also, I type 70 words per minute. It may seem like I’m taking a lot of time to type what I do, but it takes no time at all. For all the young people, typing skills are underrated. That’s for another thread though. :wink:

Terrapin is getting crazy bumps today! He probably sold like 10 bearings today from all the bumpage.

70 wpm? Pshaw. Eat my 120 wpm! :wink: Typing skills are totally underrated. I can’t imagine not communicating simply because I felt it would be too much “effort” to type what I’m really thinking. Touch typing is possibly the best pure practical “skill” I learned in high school.

So yeah, Terrapin X bearings. Carry on!

Spoken from a fellow long poster :smiley: If they read our post history, they will never get bored. Seriously, I’m going to try one of these bearings, I’m not a pro of course, but open to trying anything I haven’t tried already.

I read your whole post, Total Artist. It was awesome. Were you a lawyer in a past life? :wink:

This thread is about bearings? ??? Hard to tell at this juncture.

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You are very perceptive. I have a J.D. Degree, but only use what I learned on the forum :smiley: Yes, this thread has morphed into bumpage for Terrapin. Not what he envisioned, but we’re having fun. I’m going to ask a bearing question to keep it alive. Have you tried a Terrapin MikeEff?

Thank you for asking, Total Artist. :slight_smile:
But, no, I have not.

It’s just a little pricey for me, and I take good care of the bearings I have - both flat and “u grooved”. And I personally don’t agree with equipment over skill. The claim that “this bearing will sleep a yoyo for over 3.5 minutes when simply rolled off your hand” is pretty bold. But, I consider myself an average Joe thrower whose skill (or lack thereof) doesn’t really require such long spin times. I do about 4 or 5 tricks before I choose to bind. That’s only about 30 seconds. A simple steel bearing is all I need to have fun. ;D


I bought a couple of these bearings almost 3 years ago. One C sized ceramic, and one metric. I have also experienced the gritty sound and phantom responsiveness that puzzles me. A very thorough cleaning with my air compressor usually fixes the problem, but you won’t get that kind of needed pressure from a can in my experience.

For a while they were my favorite bearings because I didn’t like how concave bearings made my binds more difficult and messed up my suicides. Once I got used to the ceramic KKs, I don’t much care for the Terrapins. I’m definitely not a pro or anything close. I’m just some 35 year old guy that likes to play with yoyos, with limited time to play, and has spent a ridiculous amount of money on the hobby over the course of 3 years. Watching countless videos of fellow yoyoers online has shown me my lowly place skill wise in comparison, but I really could not care less about that. On a good day, I play for 30 or 40 minutes usually spread out throwing a few minutes at a time. Some pro could probably get more spin time out of them. I however cannot get more spin out of them than I can with concave bearings. I enjoy getting as much out of a single throw as possible and the ceramic KKs outperform the ceramic wing cuts by far in my experience. My focus is getting the most enjoyment out of yoyoing and for me that equates to getting the best performance possible out of each small experience. That difference in equipment summed up often means a difference of 5 repetitions on certain tricks/elements I’m practicing per throw. I find that I learn much quicker this way with the time that I have.

Jeepers, all the TX wing cuts have been sold on YYE…

Yes indeed, seems this thread may have helped a bit…just as I thought. :smiley: You should hang out with us more often.

Thanks Sloppybinds for sharing your experience, and putting it in context for us too. :slight_smile:

Okay FJH, hopefully some of those who bought the bearings this week will chime in for us about what they think of them. In the meantime, you must restock at YYE, so you can sell more of them. I placed an order with YYE today, but you were all sold out of the wing cut bearings, so I will try one later.

Hurry, restock at once! :smiley:

Keep sending those bearings… I need 2 more. :smiley:

Contacted André. We will see…
I have them…

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I definitely was not whining, I was stating the fact that I was less than satisfied by the quality of these bearings due to the fact that they became gritty and unpleasant after a short time, but alas, I do not care to seek reimbursement, return business, or replacement. Some people like them, but I did not have a great experience. My views are my own and do not necessarily mirror those of anyone else.

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TX S/C bearings arrive totally unresponsive, I test every one.
However the ceramic balls take a bit of play to properly bed in.
Ceramic, being harder then steel, will smooth out the steel races in a few hours of play,
possibly leaving some debris.
Simply clean with acetone and it will be fine…That’s it…

Have you ever seen a microscopic/heavily zoomed image of a ceramic? The surface is rather rough, as compared to the metal balls of a bearing, which comparatively speaking, appear rather smooth.

Can I have it then? Lol