Terrapin X bearing

Is the terrapin x bearing really worth $25? I was thinking of getting it for my scout and I don’t know if it is worth the money for a bearing. :slight_smile:

I’ve had a few of them and I don’t think they’re worth the price.

If you want a good flat, just get a One Drop 10 ball.

Heck, even just standard YYF Spec bearings are fine.

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I have personally owned one, used it for a long time and now have been using basically stock bearings. I personally don’t see them being much better, but that is my opinion.

I have heard a lot of people hate on these bearings but I have had good luck with crucial center groove bearings (what came in recrev octave I think, which is like $8). I can get a ten minute spin with it in my octave. So for much cheaper I can get an amazing spin on it.

Lol, 8 dollars

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I like bearings. My terrapin plays pretty much like many other bearings. I wouldn’t know it was a terrapin without looking.

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I have a Scout too, and my favorite bearing for it is the ceramic KonKave. It is a really nice bearing. It will make your yoyo spin longer, and will make it REALLY smooth. You have to put some lube in it, and break it in before it gets smooth though.

Yes. Totally worth it IMHO.
Ives used the OneDrop 10ball, Koncave SS, Center trac, Buddah Ripple, and a few others.

The Terripin X that has the tiniest groove for gentle string centering is awesome. I put some YYF thin lube in it and after a minute or two was smoother than silk. THe wing cut is barely noticable but the string is dead center on nearly every throw I do even though it looks like a flat sided one.

My second fav is the Buddah Ripple. Killer performance and great cost. The string hold is stronger than anything ive seen yet. So if you want a bearing to hold it center all the time, thats the one for you. But I love my terripin X and will continue to use it in all my good throws.