Ten YoYo Drop Bear: A High Speed YoYo Review

Ten YoYo has been around for a little while now, making a name for themselves with some of the more outrageous designs on the market today. First was the Wet Whistle which doubled as a bar jigger complete with measuring lines. Next up was the Decapod, a throwback to the super extreme H-Shape designs reminiscent of the H-Spin Envy. Today I am looking at their third release, the Drop Bear. This marks a departure from their design philosophy; instead of asylum level crazy they toned down the insane looks and focused their efforts into making their killer competition throw. Will this change in focus help or hinder the team from Pennsylvania, now is the time we get to find out.

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The Drop Bear is pretty much all I’ve thrown since I got it. I really want to get another just to have a totally mint back up.

Definitely agree on the feel/play description.

I believe they do use one drop flow groove pads.

Does the finish really qualify as a ‘bead blast’? It seems like very fine concentric lines etched along the catch area. Does give it a really interesting feel and great grinds.

Don’t agree with your thoughts on the grooved bearing. Maybe it just needs a cleaning, mine isn’t loud at all.

Thanks for the nice review.

Yes those are One Drop Flow Groove Pads. The groove also fits flowable silicone.

The finish is beadblasted and then electroplated to knock the edge of the beadblast.

Please feel free to disagree, I welcome good spirited discourse. :slight_smile: I find bearings to be one of the most subjective parts of the yoyo, right up there with string type. Honestly, I just don’t care for these centering type bearings. They bunch up the string and hinder play, it is not a knock against the Drop Bear, the design is superb. As for the noise, again purely subjective. I am so use to 10-Ball bearings, which are whisper quiet.

I can’t fight over a yoyo I love so much.

I have 3 Drop Bears, 2 Team and 1 proto in black. One of the Team Edition colorways had a bearing that did seem pretty loud but once I cleaned it the sound did die down afterwards. I switched one out with a 10-Ball as well and the play is amazing.

Nah, no need to fight I hope I didn’t come off asking for one. Good spirited debate is always welcome, but the sport is too laid back in my opinion to get so heated, I am trying to do my best to stay civil in the forums, I know I have had my moments as well. I honestly do thank you for your thoughts on the yo-yo and my review. As I said above, strings bearings, and I 'll add response are all so subjective. You could put fifty throwers in a room and get fifty different responses on these three topics. AS far as the noise, I will admit I am sensitive to it. I attribute it to all of my years modding and tricking out computers. I treat bearings and fans the same way… for me they mist be whisper quiet and if they are not then something is not working right. Again that is just my take and others could be completely fine with the sound.

On a final note, I will not debate the excellence of the Drop Bear. I am going to miss it when I send it back to Ten YoYo. ;D

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