Ten Yoyo Drop Bear Review! MORE PICS ADDED!

Ten YoYo Drop Bear Review

Wabbit and Roo recently released their third yoyo following the incredibly successful Wet Whistle that brought wide yo-yos into mainstream play and the Decapod which has been touted by many to be an amazingly solid throw despite some minor to barely noticeable vibe on some of them. One of the amazing things about Ten Yoyo is that Wabbit and Roo stray from recreating the same yoyo over and over again and instead have a strong H-shape yoyo in the Decapod, a wide boy in the Wet Whistle and now a more traditional yoyo in the Drop Bear that plays like a dream and is anything but traditional!

I received my Team Ten Drop Bear in silver with blue splash last week and following a fun-filled 7 days of play I can say that this yoyo will not only remain by my side and out of the case forever but is going to be receiving a new sibling!

Yes, its that good! So good I bought not one but two!

Drop Bear Specs:
63.5 grams
56mm diameter
41.75mm width
4.6mm gap
Crucial Grooved C size bearing (.250 x .500 x .187)

The Team Ten edition is just beautiful and the choice of colors shows care in one’s product.

The Drop Bear is available in 5 colorways which include 2 splash (Team Ten Silver (pictured) and Blue or Black and Yellow) and 3 solids (Orange, Red, Blue).

Coming from a fine arts background I am always impressed by clever packaging and Wabbit and Roo have some of the most creative designs I’ve seen in a while. The Decapod came in a foam meat tray complete with humorous labeling which held the specs. The Drop Bear though, this fierce competitor is hidden behind a box that resembles a packing crate that one would expect King Kong to jump out of and head for the Empire State Building. The yoyo is held securely in a cardboard cube with a cylindrical hold that contain the Drop Bear in a snug and honestly very cool pouch with the Drop Bear design on it.

My hats off to Wabbit and Roo! The key to success is all in the detail!

Inside the incredible box you get:

The envy of the animal kingdom…the Drop Bear in your color choice!
Drop Bear pouch
1 Throw It Forward yoyo to get someone else started on our passion
Ten Yoyo sticker (not pictured but they are cool!)
2 Custom Blue strings from Jenn at Twisted Stringz (ain’t she just great!)


Wabbit and Roo “built this yoyo from the ground up” and the hard work and effort really show in the final product. The dynamics of this yoyo are truly impressive and although at a glance it seems to be a simple sloped design along the catch zone it actually contains 2 gradual steps to the response groove. This design lends to a very comfortable shape in the hand with a catch zone that allows for some fast play. The rim weight distribution allows for some pretty impressive spin time and the outer edge is sloped just enough to allow for that added comfort that doesn’t exist in some yo-yos. At first glance I thought that there was a lack of a functional IGR but once I tried to throw in a thumb grind away the Drop Bear went leaving me with a grin from ear to ear like after my first kiss but much more exhilarating. The finish on the Drop Bear is that ever-so-lovely smooth to the touch but ever-so grindable that we all love and the finish is really breathtaking with the colors the guys chose! One of the beautiful features of the Drop Bear is the absence of any type of axle hub inside the cup similar to what is seen on ILYY’s. The Drop Bear is pure bliss and the cup slopes gracefully from the IGR to the floor to a slight hub that is round and very pleasing.

On a Throw:

One of the interesting things I have noticed over time is that yoyo dimensions and weights vary by small measure; grams and millimeters (as long as you go metric) and the slightest variance in these specifications can really make or break a yoyo in terms of playability, physics and aesthetics. The Drop Bears specs for me on paper were on the slightly larger and lighter side but when I held it up to my Decapod specs I was seriously surprised at how floaty it felt in comparison to its heavier feeling brethren despite some similarity in dimension and weight. It truly does float and yet holds enough weight and well proportioned mass to handle high speed play without sacrificing accuracy thanks to the carefully thought out 2 step catch zone and precisely weighted rims. I mean we all have yo-yos that play fast, that are like a rock on the string but a gem in the hand and those that float as though filled with helium and yet how many of us have a yoyo that can handle all those attributes so well? You can hop this yoyo with ease and yet do a high speed transition with little to no effort since the weight is at that sweet spot we all love. One of the great things I love about my Decapod and that I notice on my Drop Bear as well is that the angle of the wall is built to not only reduce contact with the string which is advantageous for players of all caliber but it also helps to keep a nice loop open for slacks and whips. One of the elusive tricks for me has been consistency in suicides and with the Drop Bear I have noticed a changed from 7/10 successful suicides to 9/10 which is a great improvement on the design of the wall. Few yo-yos in my opinion are able to pull this off and it takes the engineering background of Ten Yoyo to really take this into consideration.

Stock bearing and response:

The Drop Bear includes a Crucial Grooved C size bearing which I usually play in my Evil-Yo’s and Decapod. I know that some find them to be detrimental to multiple layers of string but when it comes to reducing catch zone /string friction you really can’t go wrong with this choice. Wabbit and Roo take the time to test, clean and deshield the bearings which I love because out of the package the yoyo is ready for me to play and it takes one step of the process out of prep since I play all my yoyo’s without shields. (Just a preference! I know, the shields have a purpose but seriously, when a bearing goes I have a spare, just like the spare tire in my SUV. And…I hate deshielding for cleaning only to have to try and reinstall the C-Clips). The response system comes from pre-installed One Drop Flow Groove Pads that provide consistent, tight binds. I personally tend to go back and forth between the Flow Groove Pads and flowable in my Decapod and both are wonderful choices if you want some tight binds. The advantage to this type of response system is that a yoyo that has a response groove that accepts Flow Groove Pads can easily be transitioned to flowable since the groove is definitely sufficient to handle flowable without the threat of wearing down prematurely; something which can be seen on other yo-yos with smaller response grooves. Once these pads wear out I plan on trying some flowable in my Drop Bear and will update with my thoughts.

Now I love all my yo-yos and over time my collection has grown BUT few, actually only 3 so far, have remained out of the case and with me at all times and the Drop Bear has become one of my daily yo-yos. Like many I play as well as collect but in reality my collection of multiples comes down to the idea that when I play to entertain at work I really don’t want a yoyo that has any scuffs…call it vanity if you wish but I prefer to call it an excuse for my yoyo obsession - an obsession that the Drop Bear has filled so very, very well!


Nice review man!

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Great pics nice review, I want one of those

Thanks! I plan on putting up some additional, more professional photos today when I have a chance to break out my Canon 7D rather than those cell phone shots I took.

Check it out on the Ten Yoyo website!
It is a worthwhile purchase to say the least!

Wow! Excellent review! and the pics are so cool!

makes me want one! actually, I do want one after reading your review! Going to get one next paycheck!

Do more reviews!!!

How about the Compulsion or maybe the new Monkeyfinger Gelada (Lux) or anything as long as its cool like this review!

Great review. You covered on all the points and more. I love the spinnig shot. Your photos look waaaay better than ours. It really means a lot you did this for us.


Actually looks like an interesting throw. I like how it comes with a cleaned crucial groove bearing and twisted stringz, all my throws get that set up. Couple questions if anyone knows the answers.

I’m a little unclear with what you said about grinding. The inner grooves are pretty obvious, but is the yoyo given some sort of grinding finish?

Looking at the response area, is there a little bit of a “lip” around the silicone? Sort of like a raised outer ring area to keep the string from touching the response, kind of like the code 2?

Anyone know the background of ten yoyo? USA company? Long time community members starting their own company? Their website doesn’t say much.

I’ll try to answer to the best of my knowledge and if Roo or Wabbit want to jump in I welcome any corrections.

The finish is definitely grindable but rather than state the incorrect technique used I will just state that it does indeed grind very well and is in no way a smooth, gloss finish that is going to catch when you attempt to grind. The finish created on the final production does reduce friction against the skin and has that micro-texture feel to it.

As for the response groove - the two step catch zone that leads to the response groove does in fact have a minimal, gradual upward slope that helps keep the string open on slack tricks and does reduce contact between the string and whatever response you have installed.

I will update with some macro shots to show this area of the yoyo.
So here are the up close and personal shots of the catch zone and response area:

You can see the upward slope from the catch zone to the wall just before the response groove.

As far as Ten Yoyo as a company. I believe they are located in West Chester, PA so yes, you’ll be buying USA, supporting our economy, American ingenuity and two guys who are very cool and definitely part of the community! As for the founders/owners of Ten Yoyo they are Roo and Wabbit. These guys are down-to-earth, hard working and really do care about not only the quality of their product but the customer and community for which they work. If I recall, and I honestly cannot remember where I read this, but Roo and Wabbit were long time friends who reconnected after a ten year span which is where the name of the company comes from. Its stories like that which really do show the personality of the owners which definitely translates to a company philosophy and strikes a chord with me. Friendship is one of the vital components of life and if you really look around you won’t see friendships formed like those in the yoyo community where you can see people from different parts of the globe staying in touch between competitions and reuniting at a gathering like Worlds.

One of the very different and community-oriented differences between Ten Yoyo and all the other companies is the “Throw It Forward” project Wabbit and Roo have begun. In every package they include a second bearing yoyo that is meant to be given to someone else to help them appreciate and become part of the yoyoing family. How’s that for commitment?

I can say from personal experience that it is hard to find a company and owners like those at Ten Yoyo. Both Wabbit and Roo really do care about the customer and, like with any product you purchase, you want to know and have that personal backing by the guys in charge. In the case of Ten Yoyo, Roo and Wabbit are there to back up every single yoyo and accessory.

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Thanks for the info and pics, couldn’t have asked for more. They should make an “about us” section on their website and just use your description.

This review answered all of my question on the Drop Bear. I have not heard much about this yoyo so thank you for making such a detailed review! :slight_smile:

Awesome review!! I can’t hardly wait to get my hands on a Drop Bear! :wink:

Thanks! I hope to do more reviews soon! Already took some pics of other yoyos.

And definitely get a Drop Bear! Its an amazing creature!

Wow man! What a review, you definitely need to do more! Great picture and honestly anything and everything I wanted to know you answered in your review!

I’m convinced, I don’t just want one I NEED one!!!

Dude! How did I miss this review? Seriously, the Team Ten edition looks sweet!

Must have Drop Bear!

Don’t hesitate. Get one ASAP.

I agree! And…if you are interested in another couple colorways such as red with purple splash or purple with red splash…pm me. I heard from a top secret source that special colorways may be available come tonight!

Correction…seems that the new colorways look like purple with red splash with the second half all red and the other colorway is red with purple splash and the other half of the yoyo in black.

Like I said pm me if you want the site for those which I believe will be exclusive to that site.

Great review!

What sold me on this yoyo was the last picture on your first post that showed a close up of the Drop Bear engraving. It was a great pic of the texture of the throw.

Nice job and keep the reviews coming!

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This convinced me to buy one! It should be here in a few days!

I hope you like it as much as I do!

Great review! Does anyone know if or when YYE will be getting them?