Ten Yoyo Drop Bear Review! MORE PICS ADDED!


Not sure when yye is getting them but I would think it would be soon. I do know you can get them on the ten yoyo site though if you cant wait.

yeah man, couldn’t wait! got mine yesterday!

your review…totally 100% correct!

I got mine a few days ago and love it! The review is a great representation of the yoyo.

Sorry for not chiming in earlier:

Just wanted to add, we did have an “about us” page but it’s down right now. I apologize. I’ll be moving the info over to the new site soon. What NJstringer said about us was spot on! Wabbit and I have been long time friends since college and we lost touch after pursuing our careers in the arts. We yoyoed a lot back in those days. I’m talking a time when “Kwijibo” was an amazing trick. lol. TEN years later we’re back together. We honor this friendship by making yoyos.


Good news! I just shipped some Drop Bears to YoYo Expert, and it looks like they will have them ready for you to buy soon. If I know anymore info I’ll drop you a line.


What colorways?

This is going to be an empty wallet month… waiting on the Bear… Cascade… Nessie…and that silly monkey from Canada…

I remember learning kwijibo on a knuckle busting, tug responsive mega spinfaktor. I bought a drop bear over the weekend, looking forward to checking it out.

Awesome review!
I love my Pre-Pro Drop Bear. #10 for TenYoYo of course. :wink:

It’s always with a bit of trepidation that I lay down $100+ on a yoyo. That’s not money I can just throw around, but I wish I had another $100 on hand so I could buy a second Drop Bear. Light, zippy, long spinning, awesome grinding finish. If anything, this review under sells it.

I hope ten yo yo never stops making these. This should be the throw that they become known for. Highly recommended.

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I just picked one up on the forum and I’m very glad I did! Great player with strong spin dynamics. Very comparable to the top Japanese brands. Is it machined from 7075?

I got #8. :wink:

You know, I’m not all that sure really. I’ll have to look into that.

What kind of shape does the drop bear have? Is it considered an organic butterfly or some form of h-shape? I’m really loving this thing, I don’t have anything else that plays like it.

I believe it is considered a regular butterfly shape. Since the inner rim is not concave in geometry it is not considered an H-shape. Organic butterflies, from what I have read, are more rounded all the way around with a steeper catch zone that hugs the throw finger more. If anything, to be specific, I would term it a 2-step catch zone butterfly.

And I can’t seem to not go a day without throwing one of mine. No matter what throw I take out this one seems to find a place in my hand at some point or another.

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I think the drop bear has actually changed my buying preferences. Really looking forward to what ten yo yo does next.

You know whats funny? I thought the same thing about the Decapod. I was all about slightly undersized throws until I played it. Then the Drop Bear came along and now I love full sized throws. It really pays to try out new specs.

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This was seriously a good review. Nice job

Thanks! I had so much fun writing it! Reviews always give me a reason to really focus on playing a single throw for a while which allows me to really appreciate them more.