The Decapod by TEN YOYO - Yet another YOYO Company :P

My friend and I (Roo) are starting up TEN YOYO to make cool yoyos and help spread yoyoing as much as we can.

Prototypes in the works - Production coming soon.

Decapod by TEN YOYO.

Also, Check out the Wet Whistle on our site.
Both yoyos will be coming very soon.
a wabbit and roo production

We had to start a yoyo company because our wives wouldn’t let us buy any more yoyos!

that looks dope…should be called dodecadope…pre order???

dodecadope… I’ll have to write that one down!

Coming soon. Reviewing proto #4 now. We want to get this right and not put junk out there.

Smart move!

They do look nice, good luck with it :wink:

hmm… judging by the cross section, the Wet whistle doesn’t look like it would have much rim weight?

You are correct. It doesn’t have a ton of rim weight, but due to the wide width of the yoyo it still carries a lot of weight in the walls. It makes for a real nice player.

We didn’t want to make it too heavy, but we had to make it fit certain “volume” requirements. It plays a bit floaty which is great behind a bar. You can just kind of let tricks hang in the air.

The decapod on the other hand has a lot of rim weight and plays very solid.

I see :slight_smile:

I need one’a dose…

As a bartender and avid player, I seriously need the Wet Whistle.

I am to assume that both sides pour a perfect 60mls?

Please contact me asap!

I’ll have to find some sort of liquid that sets to lightweight foam, and make the other half take half nips.

Hey Skip - You would be the target audience for something like this.

The Wet Whistle in its current design pours 1 oz from each side if you pour to the top. Which would be the approximate Equivalent of a Nip in Australia. So to pour a double you would just pour twice from one side.

The inside of the halves are stepped to indicate .5oz and 3/4 oz as well for mixing cocktails.

With these markings you can mix and match to pour any size you need and still have a playble sized yoyo. For instance if you need to pour 1.5 oz just do 1 full pour and 1 half pour.

-Hope this helps.


So you made a yoyo that has another purpose than fun? Pure Gold!

these yoyos look amazing so far!! nice work…how much will they be when u sell them ?

We are still working out pricing. We are trying to be creative with our machinist to get the best pricing possible while maintaining the highest quality.

We are using Dif-E-Yo KK bearings on all our yoyos so far.

For the Decapods we will be using 7075 aluminum which costs a bit more than normal 6061 but we thinks its necessary for a real player like this. We are buying the raw aluminum bars in bulk to keep the costs down as much as possible.

The Wet Whistle will be made out of 6061 aluminum to keep the costs more accessible to non-yoyoing bartenders that want to get into yoyoing for their routines.

Once we get all the protos dialed in and all the costs calculated we will set a price. They will probably fall in around the average price of high end metals. We will do our best to put these out at the best price we can.

I would argue that both purposes are fun and when combined hilarious things can happen ;D

i love the Wet Whistle!!! too bloody clever

Now thats made of pure awesomeness :smiley:
I checked out ur website are its pretty fancy. The design is nice the yoyos are awesome so overall I wish you succsess.

We had to start a yoyo company because our wives wouldn’t let us buy any more yoyos! [/center]
To funny ;D

my yoyo team is deffinatley intrested, put me on your mailing list,

i have a decapod prototype and just cant stop playing it. It is amazing at regens and horizontal play

Shout out to Roo (;