Tell me which is better

hey guys i just picked a freehand mg and a pure gold…. how do i tell which ones better, dont give me that preference crap im 2hot4that

Okay… well it is all preferance. If it’s crap, then don’t accept it. And please change the title… it’s really annoying when people post like that.

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thanks! i think im gunna get a oxy ti to help compare

dude you must have bunches of money to spend 1200 on yoyos…

I think he’s joking…

haha i go hard 120% of the time ;D just kidding i have a job

Alright, a few things I might suggest.

  1. Change the title, like I and others have said. Please dont use PLZ HELP!!! This honestly makes no sense and is not worth my time to come help out. If you need help, maybe describe your problem (in short) for your title. Somthing like “gold pure, oxy ti, or freehand MG. Help please” that would make me come to look and see if I could help. It just makes it clear to people what you need help with and wether they can help.

  2. Since this is “Help Wanted” thread, I believe it would be better suited in the Help Needed board. Just a suggestion! Mods?

  3. Please dont use profanity, if you wouldnt hold it in your hand, please dont say it on a yo-yo forum. We still have some younger kids.

  4. If preferences arent good enough for you, ok, thats fine. But please, if you want to find a yoyo to suit you please find preferences. If you dont you may waste 120 bucks on a yoyo you hate. If you are asking us your opinion, great, we will tell you , but dont waste our time by saying you dont need any preferences, just tell me which one is the best!

Thank you!

I didn’t see any profanity.

trust me its there but im not gonna point it out :-\

Not necissarily bad profanity, but a bad word none the less. If you wouldnt hold it in your hand, dont let it come out of your mouth, on the forum at least!

Just buy them all. If money is not an issue you will find that all those yoyo’s are great, but still do the same tricks as a $20 yoyo.

I changed your title to something that says what you need. After this post I’ll be moving it to help/recommendations.

Also if you don’t like what we say then please don’t ask. Why would you come here and ask for our opinion but not want it? Makes no sense.

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Am I the only guy thinking that this might be a troll? If so…


Never! Of course not! He’s an upstanding gentleman that “just picked up” an MG and a Pure Gold. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not nessesary. If you’re going to post something like that, don’t post.