It's me who needs help this time!

NOT undersized, not yoyofactory, not yoyojam, not duncan and not any cheap chinese brand (sorry magic yoyo)

Im planning to get a yoyo thats not any of my preferences, as i want to try new things. unique shapes prefered.

I think you should get the Capless. It’s amazing!

The Hour was just a little big for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Buy a Code 2. PLEASE… just do yourself a favor and buy a Code 2. Not even kidding. Go! NOW!

He has a 50-60 dollar budget.

Still… you could wait, and make it worth it.

True… Or he could wait and buy both!! ;D

Try the Di Base if you haven’t already or weird irony.

You do realize the Capless is outside your budget, right?

Halo and DiBase. A couple I really like. DiBase leans in the undersized direction.

Don’t know the “cheap Chinese” brands. I’m really impressed with the Magic YoYo products. I kinda wish Andre would carry them here at YYE, but for now he doesn’t. I will go elsewhere to get my N12 Shark.

But since we’re not on the topic of cheap Chinese Metals, there’s no need to bring up God Tricks. Since don’t have to talk about God Tricks(a brand carried by YYE) I won’t talk about the oversized Bounty Hunter. And since we’re not talking about the Bounty Hunter, we don’t have to talk about how I am really liking this yoyo. We also don’t have to talk about the Cyclone or Destiny, which I am also liking as well.

But we don’t have to talk about that stuff.

Or did I?

sOMEThING V would be good.


Capless is the best yoyo for the $60 range. Truly amazing.

Get this:;topic=7136.0;attach=12249;image

Plays MUCH better than the Hour.

What is it?

An original high-end Al7075 yoyo from China.

I have one already :smiley: thanks guys, im still not sure though :stuck_out_tongue:

its close enough :P. thanks for that though, i do enjoy an audley, aoda and magic yoyo, but not at the moment. i looked into god tricks, im not too interested. It does seem more likely that ill be getting an hour though, as my mom does not want to spend much on me lol ;D


That looks awesome.