Teeth marks in my mk3....help?

(Jei Cheetah) #1

So someone at a recent 2yo meet took my mk3 home with her by mistake.

And she claimed that she ate it.

I was like: XD,yeah sure…

Then today she sent me this pic…

And said that she bit out those chunks of metal there…

They look pretty deep…

Would it be possible to sand it down enough so it isnt noticeable anymore once I get it back?

This is so odd…




Lol wow. I doubt those are teeth marks, but wow.

You might be able to sand it down, not sure though. Might end up having to take quite a bit off, but it might not be very deep. We’ll see I guess.


The title made me giggle. But wow!

I’m pretty sure you’d have to sand a quite bit to get all of it off.

But it doesn’t look like teeth marks really, maybe a ding while it was going sideways? Or…

(SR) #4

That is one of the oddest dings I have ever seen, lol. They don’t look like teeth marks, though. You could sand it, but make sure you do it VERY carefully.


just sand it down
same thing happen to my skyline
and I doubt those are teeth marks
I think she was playing with it and hit it against something


wow at them teeth marks? Does she have braces?? ouch man just plain ouch!!

(Gorrilla_YO) #7

wow looks like my cat scratched it lol…i always get those kinds of scratches on my arms…cats these days have wolverine like nails…hahah jus kidding…very odd ;D

(marcusWsteadman) #8

OMG dude what kind of chick bites yoyos Weird man most awkward thread EVER!!!
Why did she bite your yoyo? LOL ;D

(Jamesofyoyo) #9

Yeah I think its sandable. (use wet sand paper. it is a type of sand paper, not just wet sandpaper.) But if i were her id buy you a new one! That is not cool when someone scratches your throw. I know it was problably an accident but out of common curtiosy id get you a new one or give you a yoyo. Id just hope she dosn’t take off with it! That would blow! :-\

(Infinite Chaos) #10

it looks like she put pliers or vice grips to them. Those look pretty deep though. You can try to grind it down (trust me, use a dremel power tool or something because sandpaper ain’t going to do it lol) but you’ll have a flat spot if you dont feather it out along the yoyo. I might suggest you consider satin-ing the rims, it’ll clean up your grind work. That’d be my choice if I were you. :slight_smile: Hope that helps


You guy’s must remember if you take too much off in one spot like that it will cause a serious vibe. Satining the whole rim all the way around will help hide it. I still suggest making it a project III


I’m not sure how well this will work on yoyo’s but I used a soldering wire piece to fix some dings in other metal things I had and just sort of sanded that down to meet up with the original area. Again I don’t know how well this will work for yoyo’s but if you have the supplies and the patients to try it I’d like to know. If not I’ll probably just do so later on when I get dings and I’ll let everyone know how it goes.

(Infinite Chaos) #13

it might work it the mark is really deep, but depending on the metal, the solder could very easily pop out after a few throws since it didn’t bond well to the yoyo’s metal. Its a great idea though and I’d go ahead and try it, got nothing to loose. :slight_smile:

(Jei Cheetah) #14

I will try sanding it down first, hard to say anything now since I can’t tell exactly how deep the marks are until I get the yoyo back.

The only thing I worry about sanding all the way around, is how to get both sides even if I do decide to make a project 3.

Only time will tell I guess…

She keeps insisting that she really bit into the metal.
Infact, I am seeing her again at the end of the month for a yoyo meeting, and she wants me to film her biting the yoyo to prove that she can indeed bite into metal.


I don’t think its possible, but if she can do what she says she can do…
Thats crazy.


I will make sure to post the vid after.



u should do the project III idea, it sounds so cool