Technical Tricks


As I was preparing my routine for Southwest Regionals, I realized that I have 0 technical yoyo tricks. After various attempts of trying to create some technical tricks, I was stumped. I have no idea what tech is, I couldn’t figure out anything that I personally considered technical. So I just wanted to know what you guys think tech is.

What is your definition of technical tricks? If you could post an example, that would be great.


I still have no idea what tech is. I’m still trying to figure that out. When I think of “tech” tricks I always think of Nehemiah, Andrew Maider, and Harold Owens. Their tricks are complex. They have layers if that make sense. They make some kind of crazy mount, and then work their way out of that mount without the trick looking unnecessarily difficult, or redundant. As far as making those kinds of tricks goes is beyond me. I’m actually in the same boat. Trick creation in general is tough.



Generally I think of stuff that’s hard to land every time. I’d say most tricks that incorperate rejections and have lots of different tangles in the string and mounts that are advanced and uncommon (risk of knots are a common trait in tech tricks) are mostly pretty techy. Also tricks that you have to execute without being able to stop (horizontal comes to mind) because you have to have a good understanding of what you’re doing.

The wrist mount was the original tech mount to my understanding, and it really changed the game.

Then you got the ‘generitech’ which is trying to rake in as many string hits as possible and is really fast and includes a lot of lindy loops, underpasses and anything else that won’t slow you down.

Here’s and example of one of my favourite tricks which I consider to be quite technical:

(Former National 4A Champion) #4

I don’t think so.
I think most people refer to really complex tricks as techy, while super hard tricks are called bangers.




I wouldn’t say that. Tech isn’t characterized by level of difficulty.


Tech=string layers

Tech involves the yoyo moving into a complex mount (more strings between the fingers than a double or nothing). After moving into said mount, the yoyo continues into more mounts that are complex until the end of the trick.
As an example, I would watch Lazar Medvedev’s Battle4Fame videos.


That is not true. Tech does not have to be complex. Tech is simply plenty of string hits. Look at Andrew Maider for example. He has serious tech. His tricks aren’t too complex but that’s why does so well at contests. Massive tech.


I’d have to disagree with tech being solely string hits at a high speed. Tricks that score high on tech evaluation are hard tricks.

Prime example: Janos
Doesn’t do his tricks the fastest, but he does challenging tricks that score a lot of clicks


I’ll just throw my OPINION out here. I believe tech to be an opinion of how hard/difficult the certain trick is. Its not specified be string wraps or string hits, but by how difficult the trick is. That is why there is fast tech (usually Asian play). Slow(er) tech, usually more slackety slack or whippedy whip stuff involved. But in it all, tech is an OPINION of generally how hard the judges deem the trick difficult.