Tech tricks

Does anyone have any tips on making up tech tricks?

I’mma piggyback for a moment, if I may! Can you (or anyone else kind enough to answer!) definitively clarify for me what makes a “tech trick”?

My vague notion that I’ve been operating under is that tech tricks are comprised of multiple string lengths between the hands (2 or more I guess?) and the yoyo hopping and bouncing between these strings. To be truly “technical”, the form of these string lengths should be progressively changing and modified over time (for example, going from a box shape to a bowtie shape) as a result of these varying hops and bounces.

Is that at all in the right ballpark?

Spirit Bomb feels pretty tech to me, but it’s not the same as watching Zach Gormley or someone who look like they’re doing a fancy yoyo cat’s cradle. :wink: (I know, the cat’s cradle comparison hurts a bit, but it turns out to be true sometimes and I don’t mean it in a bad way!)

yo check out raytsh on youtube, hes got some qual material

Simplest answer: Fail each time you throw while trying to do something new.

Write down what you do if you find something new.

Make variations, decide what looks best and what feels good.

Practice. Experiment. Develop.

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Here are a few videos I made on the subject.