You may or may not have seen my previous topic “Floaty”, where we unsuccessfully tried to find a clear definition for the word.
So… what about another common Yo-Yo term we’ve all heard?

“His tricks have some serious tech”

“Check out my techy new combo”

“I prefer more technical tricks”

Well, this one ought to be easier to define than floaty. Sure, we could all link videos of tricks we consider techy, but how would you actually describe “tech”?

Tech - Unnecessary complications of the string, made often to look intricate


I’ll make it easy and use it in a sentence for you:

His style is technically floaty

                                                                   :P ;D :P

A lot of string entanglement motions making it seem really complicated.

I’ve always viewed the term “tech” as a spectrum along which you can describe varying levels of complexity; play can be moderately tech or highly tech but I don’t really think there’s much of a line that defines non-tech and tech.


I’ve seen “technical” tricks as ones that are complex as well and require insane amount of accuracy whilst the string is being manipulated in various intricate formations. Some tricks that fall under this category would be like And Whut, Spirit Bomb, Ladder Escape…

This should help: http://yoyonews.com/2014/02/19/primer-technical-yo-yoing/
As you can see, the definition is different from person to person, but they all have something in common. Tech is usually defined by technical string formation within a combo. The amount of technicality that a trick required to be considered “tech” varies from person to person.

Boring, repetitive, tight string formations = tech.

Andrew Maider is known for his epic tech tricks. Are you saying that Andrew is boring and repetitive? What about Nem? Is Nem boring and repetetive too? Zach definitely does tech tricks. Are you saying that ZACH GORMLEY is boring and repetitive?

To me, tech has always meant well-scoring; technically good.

So, following this definition, Andrew Maider has a techy style. His style is not primarily techy, I would say that it is very body-oriented and a little bouncy, but it scores very well in the technical evaluation department of the scoring system. Sure, some tricks that are repetitive, boring, and tightly formulated score well in the technical department, but so do some weird, innovative, and downright radical tricks.

That’s the impression I got as well.

I thought “Tech” was a harder trick with lots of string hits to take advantage of the current scoring system.

People have different definitions of the word apparently. I agree with you on the definition tho

I believe that there are two kinds of tech. But before I get into that, I would like to clarify that every trick has tech. Whether the level of tech is high, or the level of tech is low, everything has Tech. Some tricks are just more highly built around tech than others. The high tech would be stuff like Ghormley, and the low tech would be stuff like rock the baby. Everything in-between has varying amounts of tech based on the intricacy of the tricks you do.

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I agree. Every trick has tech whether it be low or high.

I’ve seen score sheets and see performances, but I’ve never competed so can someone clarify what “string hits” means.

Tech is a lot of elements in a trick or combo that requires a lot of accuracy to land while still being presentable and fluid.

I have no idea what people think is tech. Lots of people say my style of yoyoing has lots of tech, but it’s all fairly simple tricks that are just cleanly done.


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^ and on that note…