Techy tricks

Yeah, I see this word a lot. Every time someone says the word “Tech”, it means something else. Sometimes, it means more string being used, sometimes it means more string layers, sometimes it means smaller string segments, sometimes it means hard tricks to hit consecutive, and sometimes, i don’t even know what its supposed to mean.

So what on earth is it supposed to mean ???

If I were to use it, id say harder tricks.

Though it’s probably not true to the definition of the word, when I use technical I typically mean more complex or more elements.

Superman is a more technical trick than Trapeze.

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I consider tech tricks that are tricks involving many strings, difficult movements, string layers, etc.

I think that tech really refers to more intricate motions and string segments. A techy trick most likely involves many steps, and isn’t too easy to figure out by first sight.

Tech can also mean a trick that isn’t flashy. Basically anything that isn’t a roll, whip, slack, laceration, or boingy.