Team YoyoExpert

Hey guys,
We are not ready for an “official” YoYoExpert Team or anything. You can organize whatever you want on the side - but for now we are just not ready to actually sponsor one, etc.
Maybe someday - just not yet. :wink:

i’d be on it, but if yoyoexpert says “not now maybe later” then it will just have to wait.

I agree with Andre, it doesn’t just happen right away.
It takes more time to be ready for.

Happy Throwing! =]

If you think about it, every team made is mostly a bunch of people sponsored by a bigshot company.

YoyoExpert isn’t a company, it’s more of an online community. Now if we can all somehow have

resources to make yoyos then yeah, YoyoExpert could become an actual yoyo manufacturing


Keep on Spinning

Yeah, cnn has a point. :-
Hopefully it will come soon. :wink:

CNN, I don’t think Andre would make yoyos if YoYoJam already does.

Andre technically said no "official"team yet… so maybe we could make an unofficial one on the side?

im not very good but im up for joining a team even ifc it is unofficial

Not really, there are a lot, and i mean A LOT of teams that are not sponsered at all.

Also, u stole roberts catchphrase :stuck_out_tongue:

yea there are many teams that are unsponsored. like sly spinners, I’m on that team somewhat but they aren’t sponsored. well right now yye isn’t vary popular. but i have an idea. any one who can can make a full out video showing what we learned from yoyo expert and the things they sell. it would be great if we got yoyoexpert merchandise on wile we do it. Also if yye ever comes out with a yoyo carrying case than have it in the vid to. also we could set up donations from any one who wants to to donate to this cause. someday maybe if its in Andre’s favor than he could become a company. i really don’t know what his plans are for the future but we can only Wait. and thanks samad i thought i was the only one who saw that. so if you like make your own vid advertising YYE on youtube. later.

keep it spinning

im guessing when yoyoing gets more competitive? and awards are alot better

Robert’s is Keep it Spinning.

Mine is Keep On Spinning. Fine Here

Spin All Day and Night

Roto is right, yo-yo is not that popular now. We should wait till football dies out.

Still, you’re copying him.

Mine is:

Have Fun Throwing,


I sometimes do



my girlfriend and her family own a store that can make t-shirts…

Guys, I say, let this team YYE thing die. Seriously, if André doesnt want this, I say, respect his decision! Also, teams arent really a big deal. Most teams online dont even do anything.

Also, for several people on the forum, I am planning something fun soon…


Well mine is: Happy Throwing!

Any comment?

No…why would I?

Also, a little Hint to those of you that are SOMEONE in my plan: If you have videos, then you are. That is all.


Happy Throwing! =]