new yoyo team

we should make a yoyo team online just for the heck of it team yoyoexpert just comment on it down bellow if you want to join i know it is kinda stupid but oh well so ya


MEEE!!! but im only on Rewind

i am down not that good but willing to work on it

samad, apetrunk, jump, chris, andre (du), JM, and every other “expert.”

though, i think a few of these people are already on a team.

Not that I know of…and I didn’t know Jump was an eXpert. Oh well…

What would this team do?

im in im decent and working

Please, please, Please use punctuation!

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Look here!

Thank you old timer. :stuck_out_tongue:

i guess ill give it a try im almost done with master section and part 1 and 2 of expert section, also many made up tricks and triple laceration, yuuki slack, and whut

for the battles or team??

any thing but in a battle i would like to go up against someone my lvl

my friend ndragon798 and i, im in advanced 1 but hes up there! keep in mind, u need 2 members in the video

ive talked to ndragon798 in the chat before

yah, i think he might be around tht trick level, and if u can find another team member tht can make a video, we can battle…pm me when u want to battle

If we’re having a team then I don’t think it should be called Team YYE. There was a discussion about having a team a long time ago. A lot of people always suggest teams but they eventually die down.

Samad is right as usual. About online teams that is.

guys it is just for fun, no reason, no comps or battles

if it just for fun, should be called a online club instead of a team??? plus it sound like everyone is down to join and also have fun. if everyone is willing to be on the team we should tape our self doing trick and post them on YYE to see where are we you at in term of tricks. all i know is i just started but i am will to train lol