Teaching 10 kids tricks


Haven’t been active in the Yoyo Community for awhile.

I am planning to teach around 10 kids some yoyo tricks for a talent show.

What’s a cheap and easy yoyo I should buy for the kids? Something that can do simple walk the dog and around the world and loop the loop etc.

I am thinking about teaching them 10 tricks. Any suggestions?

  1. Walk the Dog
  2. Around the World
  3. Loop the loop
  4. Rock the Baby
  5. Eiffel Tower


Duncan proyo/proyo-fly is what I used to teach a group of about 40. (Careful with around the world, you know kids) dog bite, gravity pull, sleeper, and if you get far enough, punching bag(s)

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T


YYF One is a great low cost yoyo. The Duncan butterfly XT (NOT the standard butterfly) is almost as good and a bit cheaper.

As far as tricks go:

Walk the dog and rock the baby.

Elevator. Kids love doing the elevator because it looks like a real trick. It’s also easier to learn than Rock the Baby.

Watch out for Round the World or anything else that has kids swinging yoyos in the air.

Robin Hood, also called Bow and Arrow, is great. Kids love doing that trick as well.

A longest sleeper contest is always fun.


Yoyojam Classic all the way.

Tricks: One of them should be the Confederate (Jamaican) Flag, and if you twist one hand you can make a 4 pointed star.


The YYF One is a low cost yoyo, but I don’t find it very good as a responsive yoyo. Definitely go Butterfly XT over it.


If you do include Loop the Loop, go with the Proyo, not a butterfly.

Elevator, Spaghetti, Around the Corner, and Spank the Baby are some other easy tricks.


I love the classic, but the Butterfly XT is a great responsive throw.
The classic and the first base and all those that convert to unresponsive, just turn out to be better unresponsives imo.


My son picked up a Butterfly XT, and it got me thinking about this topic. It’s a cool yo-yo, but IMHO starburst response isn’t the best choice for a rank beginner.

A bit more expensive, but a case could be made for the Hubstack. Even before you get your throw happening, you can generate good spin with a pull start, and practice the rest of the trick elements. Again, if you drop loops off the agenda…


I don’t really like silicone response for responsive play since it’s just not consistent IMO.
Hubstacks are cool, but in little use now a days.

Either way, the basic throw is going to have to be learned to be successful.
The sooner that happens, the better.


Hi guys!
What about YYF Loop 360? Any good for kids learning their first tricks?
And do you think fixies are better for learning basics or to go ball bearing from the start?


If they are a dead noob. Go with the butterfly xt, especially kids. (The Fast 201 is also a good choice.)
Loop 360s are for looping, so if they are dead set on that, then use the loop 360.

If they are really tenacious, and really want to learn fixed, then a no jive is a great choice. (with lots of cotton string)

If they already know how to do a trapeze, get an unresponsive classic or a replay pro.

TLDR: Get a butterfly xt


Lol, I was thinking the opposite about starburst vs silicone or o-ring! I guess even at the beginner level there is no one right answer. Butterfly XT, FAST 201, ONE, YYJ classic would all be good choices for inexpensive first butterflies.


No-Jive is awesome! If you want a nice inexpensive alternative fixed axle, the proyo and profly are both great.