this thread is for tattoos, art, and related ideas. If you have some awesome ink, please post some pics to showcase it!!

here’s the process of my left arm Green Lantern sleeve

andi totally just realized that i dont actually have any proper close-ups of the part on my forearms and wrist.

also, i have a stonework bassclef on my right forearm

When I was 8 I got a spider man tatoo that lasted for about 4 hours \


Sadly I only have one. But mine is yoyo related. :]

That’s the pic I used to start this thread.,23506.0.html

The only one I have right now

Man Sask, that’s ridiculous!

If I was to do something, it’d have to be very small; something I wouldn’t regret. Maybe a slipknot on my finger where the string sits. Like a permanent imprint… It’d have to be a faint color, too.

I just hope none of the companies that own the copyright and trademarks to those characters chooses to enforce laws that protect their property.

Then again, won’t be the first time someone’s had tattoos forcefully removed. Many WWE superstars, upon their retirement, had to remove a fair amount of ink, because WWE claimed it was their property.

Me? No ink for me. Not something I’m into, despite working in entertainment. That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate good artwork.

Man, if DC all the sudden wanted their tattoos removed… that’d be a lot of people dude. Soooooooooooo many people have Batman and superman symbols… I think they are happy about it. And hey, free advertising.

I agree, but at the same time…

Disney snapped up Marvel and as much as I like Disney, Disney can be the biggest and more aggressive bunch of jerks when it comes to copyright protection. Opens up a whole new world for their lawyers to since their nasty fangs into!

NOW, having said that, I went to Walt Disney World in 2007 and on the bus, I ran into this big dude COVERED with Disney ink and had a Mickey Mouse carved into his hair. Everybody was like “FREAK” and I came up to him and said “hey, that’s an interesting collection you have. Might I take a closer look?” Tuns out, he is “DisneyTattooGuy” and he has permissions for the work. And what a nice guy.

I just hope people aren’t judging you for your ink, but judging you after they get a chance to you know. You’re cool in my book.

People don’t seriously judge me, not that I’m aware of. People make jokes about how much it costs and stuff. But most of my friends have tattoos and piercings. My GF for example has more ink than I do and 23 piercings and purple hair… tattoos are so common now that they don’t really offend many people.

I do have two tattoos. I have a band logo (bayside) on the inside of my arm and a portrait of a puppy face on my outer arm (not just A puppy, MY puppy <3) I’ll get some pics up later, phones dead and don’t feel like digging out the camera.

After worlds I’m going to start working on my half sleeve.

I have a forearm band of an emerson quote. It doesn’t look very spectacular unless seen in person, but it state “in every stroke of genius we recognize our own rejected thoughts. They come back to us with a certain alienated majesty. Envy is ignorance, imitation is suicide.”

I’m not 18 yet so i don’t have mine yet, but in late september or early october i’m gonna get mine.
Chinese characters for “Older Brother” and R.I.P. with his name on my back.
Yeeeeah, long story but that will be my first(:

Only yoyo related one. But man, is it yoyo related.



I have a couple more, but they kinda suck. One’s a sun I did on myself back when I thought I could tattoo and the other is a demon guy who’s totally lame, didn’t pick that one, let the artist design it on the fly. Dumb decision.

Just got this. Maybe ill post more later

Go figure; your tattoo is the only thing that can raise the dead.