Talk me down from the JP FiReal ledge....

Okay, so I’ve been tempted by this yoyo for some time now. I’m mainly interested in it because it is so unique in its design principles and sounds like a fresh change from the throng of heavily rim weighted yoyos out on the market.

Trouble is, it’s over $160. I can pay that, but I’m not sure I should. I usually totally refuse yoyos that are anymore than about $120, but this one has me very intrigued…

Either talk me down from the edge or convince me to take the jump if it really is worth it.

I wish you would step back from that ledge my frieeeend!

You could cut ties with all the liesss that you’ve been liviiiiiing!

And if you never want to see me again…


I also agree that it looks very intriguing, and I’ve heard great things about it. However, whilst I’m happy to pay $160 for a bimetal, $160+ for a solid coloured, all aluminium yoyo… is just a little bit too much for my liking. Same reason I don’t own any turning points.

So I can neither talk you down, nor push you off, for I stand perched upon the same ledge. However, if you do decide to jump… I will be waiting to see what you think of it before I decide to follow you or not. :stuck_out_tongue:


I usually view indecision as an indicator that I should abstain from a purchase.


I’d have one interesting and well designed single metal yoyo above a boring bimetal any day.

You don’t know if it’s boring or not to you yet.

Just get it! There is only one way to find out!

True. But it just looks like just another high rim weighted bimetal to me. I’m not interested.

Those are wise words. I think at this time I will hold off and just get a Diffusion or Premiere instead. :wink:

BOOOO, but heres to going with smart decisions! :slight_smile:

FiReal is pretty awesome though smooth like silk.

Those are really nice plastics.

FiReal is one of the best yoyos i’ve gotten in a long time. Bought it with the 15% of deals a lot of stores were having last week so it was only $135 or so. Agree it doesn’t look too special in pictures, but the ano is actually really rich and nice in person, and the finish is great. It’s incredibly fast and bouncy and just a joy to play with. Makes a nice sound too. Personally i find it really unique and it’s definitely a great addition to a collection rather than all the same ol’ same ol’ that’s been so prevalent lately.

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That’s pretty funny calling the nobunaga a boring bimetals without even trying it xD
“Looks like another Rim weighted yoyo”
That’s basically a bimetal

By that logic, I could say the fireal is another vshaped metal yoyo “boring” vshaped metal yoyo.
But I won’t because I haven’t played it, and ive heard good things about it.

I have a nobunaga, and I put it up there with the palpitation and draupnir, 2 yoyos considered to be the “best” by some

Sorry for the ranty post, just couldn’t handle someone bad mouthing perhaps my favorite kyo without trying it xD

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Wow insert any yoyo here looks boring because it’s round and it spins!

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I should say that I don’t have a problem with rim weighed yoyos. That would be absurd. I just don’t see why I should get a bimetal simply because it has even more rim weight. I’ve never had any performance problems with the rim weight in any of the single metal or plastic yoyos I own, so what real motivation is there to spend so much on a bimetal?

The FiReal’s attraction is that it is a design that goes against the ‘more rim weight is better’ philosophy that is dominating and possibly limiting the uniqueness of yoyos these days.

The FiReal is the most interesting thing I’ve seen in a while It looks very carefully designed to be something special.

Get it, but for me, the yoyo has to make up for my lack of skill
For some weird reason I have 4 tp yoyos even though I’m bad at yoyo

The thinking with the FiReal is that rim weight can be reduced to achieve maximum maneuverability. It’s definitely something unique among recent releases. If you think it’s a yoyo that stands out in your collection, then get one. I’m certain it won’t disappoint you. Some even say that it’s the best single-metal yoyo.

As for the Nobunaga, I can understand why you aren’t really interested. However, It supposedly equals the performance of some other highly-praised bimetals such as the Palpitation or the Draupnir, at a much lower price.

I’m not saying it doesn’t look good, in fact it looks very good, I’m just saying don’t judge something as being boring without having tried it.

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