Talk Derti to me

Who got one? How is it? I missed it and am trying not to cry too hard about it. If you’ve played it and a 000, how do they compare? I haven’t looked up the specs but the Dert looks a little heavier to me. Really wanted to try it.


I am well out of the honeymoon phase and still absolutely love it. Slightly undersized at 53mm but feels a little bigger in the hand. High-walled and no response bump, but no issues breezing through my longer tricks.

When I first saw photos of the Derti, I also made the 000 comparison due to their minimalistic designs. But to me they feel very different. The 000 resembles a Grail and shares the same lightness, but the 000 plays zippier and less floaty. I imagine this is due to the center weight being pushed to the rim.

The Derti feels more substantial, or less light, than the 000. It’s not “heavy” per se, but not as light as the 000. It feels more floaty due to the increased center weight with that beautiful, huge nipple. There is virtually no mid weight, and, with the wide rims you can see there is some rim weight. I would classify it as a “laid-back” yoyo.

For reference, 9 out if my top 10 are o-shaped and/or slimline yoyos. I tend to like diameters in the 54-57mm range, but, like I said earlier, this one feels slightly bigger than 53mm. The width is perfect. Really, everything about it is perfect.

Also, I love your punny title :slight_smile:


It reminds me of an undersized yweti with sharper rims. If you’re interested in one send me a message. I think I’m going to put mine up on the bst soon. @Lido


Undersized, high walled, and organic…sploosh!

If you like that sort of thing :upside_down_face:

I have many RSOs, but I keep picking up the derti. It came along with a The End Pt2 and I’ve barely touched the End (not that it isn’t good…it’s excellent, but the derti has just been calling me).

100% I’d buy derti again.

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Thanks for all this info. @yoyojoe I will be in touch.

Yeah, can confirm the Derti is something special. Probably my fave RSO & Ti throw to date. I keep reaching for it consistently. Becoming my go to EDC, based on it’s size & overall fun factor. Highly recommend.