Talk about a strange mod...

My brother wanted a 4A yo-yo. But, Instead of buying it, he pulled off a Frankenstein and took the rubber ends of the Yomega Xodus II and glued them onto the ends of the Yo-yo Factory ONE. And… it worked! I was one of the best 4A yo-yos I’ve ever tried.

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I read this and put my Xodus rims on my PGM and put in a YYJ slim bearing. :o
Feels like a Hayabusa, but with a lot more rim weight, with hubstacks… A little vibey, but not enough to really affect anything. I’m not really good at 4a, so I couldn’t really put it “to the test.” But I got a LOT of spin in a throw: comparable to my Fiesta XX.

Lol I put Exodus rims on my DM2 and a thin bearing. Used for a while actually, still my only 4a yoyo.