Need help with Yo-yo maintenance

Hey there! I have taken a long break from yo-yoing over 3 years because of college athletics and decided I wanted to start back up again because it’s a great hobby. I was wondering what maintenance I should do for my yo-yos to get them back to there normal performance!! I posted my collection below


For the most part they should be fine. Maybe just some lube on the bearing.


First thing is you take that one in the bottom left and throw it directly into the trash.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I stopped for a long time too and most of mine were fine. Maybe a drop of lube or cleaning of the bearing, should be all you need. Also, if you really enjoy 4a, you’re gonna want to upgrage from that xodus 2. I have one too, but modern 4a yoyos are on a whole other level.