How to keep yoyos in good shape?

I was just wondering how people keep their yoyos in such perfect mint shape (Sleep time, bearing health) all the time? Tips to keeping yoyos good?

Cleaning the bearing when needed or when the bearing gets a bit weird. Lightly lubing the bearing CORRECTLY. Sleep time, bearing and anything else, counts on bearing maintanece. So if you screw up the bearing and you have no spare bearings, unless you purchase another bearing, you yoyo is considered useless.

Well, sleep time is mainly dependent on your throw, but as for bearing health, a good clean is really all I say. I run my bearings dry, and I have had no problems so far. Lube keeps it quiet, so if you like quiet bearings, I’d use it. Make sure your response is not over-worn. If it’s worn out, replace them, or the string may slip when you bind possibly resulting in a ding. As for keeping the yoyo itself mint, just be careful with it. Don’t throw where you barely have room. You’ll probably hit something. Make sure your string is the right length for you. Nothing is worse than realizing that your string was too long seconds after your yoyo hits the floor. When done playing with it, put the yoyo in a place it won’t fall. That is how I keep my yoyos mint.

When your finished playing with it, keep it in a super safe place. If bearing’s stop working like they should, clean them. And play with your yoyo’s in a place that has carpet floor so you wont get dings.

Yeah, playing where there is carpet is a really good idea, also never ever let someone who has no idea what there doing, try and throw your yoyos. ive made that mistake a couple of times.

Just keep it safe from damage. And learn how to maintain bearings.