My first yoyo Mod (feedback appreciated)

I recently modded my FHz because i wasn’t playing with it much since I recently got a PGM and i like it much better so i though i would try my hand at modding. I did the recessing with a drill and a jewelers screwdriver. the dyeing with RIT dye. the black didn’t turn out that well… more of a brown.
I need a new bearing because when i got the yoyo, i was new to yo-ing and i ran the bearing dry so it’s not that great anymore.

i was thinking of getting a KK to increase performance. would this be a good idea?

the yoyo plays great.

                                             [b] Before[/b]


I used the middle of friction sticker to cover the Bolt and hex nut

Sorry about the fuzziness my camera ins’t so great :-\

once again, sorry about fuzziness :-\

so what do you guys think? constructive criticism accepted


Looks good but the silicone on the black side is a bit well ugly. Other than that great gob. Try adding some extra wight to the rims of it to make spin time a bit longer. A kk will do it fine but just remember a kk makes things easy. It takes real skill to do all the tricks a kk can do with a stock bearing. I learned that from André. Later.

Keep it spinning™

Yeah, when recessing the black side the screwdriver slipped and, well, you see what happened, I made some scratches i didn’t want.

I’d like to try a KK because my main problem is tilting… but I’m afraid ill too used to/spoiled by a KK that i can’t go back

I want to get some throwdown weight rings but i can’t find them anywhere. i dont like the looks of the YoYoGuy ones

So long as you can bind, the KonKave bearing will be a great upgrade!

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If you want real black then try mixing one black with a navy blue. One bottle with a packet I think. Doesn’t matter which.

well your braver than me! good job! im gonna try my hand at sili recessing pretty soon