fhz mods update

just a little review/update on my newly modded fhz. it was my first some doing a silicon recess, first time using flowable silicon, and first time doing a highwall. i think it came out great. subscribe to me, rate, and comment!!!

Not bad, I like how you went into detail about the recess and how you used a hair dryer to quicken the drying time. I’m yet to silicone recess anything, but I’ll be referencing your video if I have questions about it. :smiley:

Only think I’ll say is the recess is a bit too far from the bearing. Move it closer next time. The work itself is great. You did a really good job.

Thanks. The silicon fell out yesterday, and I think it was because the recess wasn’t wide enough. I also noticed binds werent as tight as I had bought before. I made the silicon recess a little bit wider and slightly deeper. It’s responsive at the moment, but Im sure after a week or so some of he silicon will wear off and it’ll play good again.