Talent show.


So I work in a casino and they have an employee talent show every year first place is 2,000$ super nice so of course almost my third year there and I decided to throw my name in the hat. If/when I win lol optimistic what high dollar throw would you buy first?


Summit or chief for sure. Never tried a chief, so Im not so sure it’s that great…


I’ve read great things about both of those I also hear recrev makes a really great product as well and comments on those?


Yes, the Chief is great.

Buy whatever looks cool.


Oh ya, forgot about recrev




Get a Dazzler and tell us how it is, so we don’t have to shell out $500 for it.


Been wanting to try some Werrd lately, so either and Hour or Irony JP.


Lol my buddy has both of those the hour was ok and the irony was nice but the split decision omg love!!


I would wait a little and go for the General Yo Prestige when it comes out

(WildCat23) #11

The Chief is far superior IMO.



The new Yoyorecreation Draupnir.

It is a game-changing yoyo IMHO.


Well everyone wish me luck it’s tonight at 7:00 I go on at 7:20 ill post my results when I hear at 8:30 or so.


Cool. Talent shows are always exciting.


Good luck, and here are a few tips:
1: dont let the nerves get to you-nerves will give you sweaty hands, and that is not good
2: dont be too worried if you mess up- almost all of the people watching can’t even bind!


I prefer the Chief over the Summit. I would go with whatever you want though.


Get as many YYF Whips as you can.



General Yo M10
General Yo Majesty
CLYW Yoyos


So ended up getting second it’s a 1000$ lol so 300 for new yoyo stuff :wink: