Chief or Code 2

Ive finally saved enough money for a high end yoyo, I;m in a dilema though because I’ve had my eye on the code 2 and the chief for a while now and I dont know which to choose, and the chief drops tonight!!! AGGGGGGg

Work harder, buy both!!!

I’m excited regarding a bunch of yoyos. The Code 2 and Chief are two of those. I doubt I can get a Chief in the mad dash to gobble them up when the “ball drops” as I’m going to be gone working(I’m either out of money or out working whenever the CLYW’s drop. This time I’m broke AND out working.

(Got a client 85 days past due and keeps changing their processes so as to start over the 45-net payment terms)

Your right, I think I will get both, Cant wait for tax money!!

Right on!

anybody know when the code 2’s drop? Dont mean to hijack the thread or anything just curious. Last thing i saw was a couple weeks ago and it was like a few weeks till production started i thought but i dont remember

I’m waiting for the Code 2 to drop and am going to really break some of my normal rules in regards to spending limits(I try to stay below $100 pm a yoyo, but I do make exceptions from time to time).

Having played the Chief, I have to have a Chief. The Code 2 I have on authority by trusted sources, I’m just gonna drop hard cash into it.

I’m trying to score a Chief right now. Not sure how it’s going to turn out.

They should be landing in the next couple of weeks. I got to toss one at the OD shop, it feels so good in the hand and just buzzes away…