Is a Code 2 for Chief trade something realistic?

i have 2 Code2’s, and 3 chiefs, really loving the chiefs, would a code 2 for a chief trade something realistic??

If I had a Chief I’d want more than a Code 2 for it (not bashing the Code 2 at all here.) The Chief costs more and after everything is said and done I think it will be harder to get than a code 2 down the line, but you never know. Only way to find out is to put a Code 2 on the BST and ask for a Chief.

I wouldn’t trade a Chief for a Code 2 straight up. Reason being, the Code 2 is hot right now and fairly limited, but that won’t always be the case. In a few months their value, in my opinion, will be below retail like any other regular production One Drop. The Chief on the other hand has proven to have incredible staying power in terms of value, and they’ll always be fairly rare as is CLYW’s way.

Besides cash value, rare yoyos also get you access to the “high end club” on the used market. People usually don’t want to trade throws like Chiefs unless it’s for yoyos at least as rare or rarer. Just bunching up multiple lower end throws usually isn’t going to get it. So, it’s nice to have something like that or a Skywalker to give you some real bargaining power in case there’s a rare throw you really want.

I might be willing to take one of those code2s off your hands if you’re interested in maybe trading one?

I don’t think a Code 2 is going to go for a a Chief straight up. It’s been pointed out that both are holding their value, and in many cases appreciating temporarily in value. Chances are, a Chief will go for a Code 2 plus something else not to bad but not to amazing as a deal sweetener.

It’s all about what people place value on items. You never know. But, in my opinion, no, this isn’t a fair trade. They are both amazing, no question about it. But, it comes down to purchase value. The Chief simply retails for a higher price.

I have a Code 2 coming ad I have a Chief. I can’t wait.

I heard of cheifs being traded for code 2’s for about two weeks after their initial release. The rarity of the code 2’s pushed up their value. Now that there are more in the market place you won’t be able to do a straight trade anymore.

i know im wayy late on this, but i like the code 2 better. so not unrealistic at all. id trade my chief if i still had it for a code 2

I haven’t done that in a while! :slight_smile: