Talent Show

Thanks guys for helping me with the talent show like helping decide whether to get a starlite or fhz. In the end i did a blacklight and some plastic yoyos with a glow fhz. The crowd loved it so much and everyone thought i was going to win but i didnt (o well) and even my competitors were wondering why i didnt win lol. But in the end it was really fun and was a good. Thanks again especially to people like Studio42 and many others in helping decide what yoyos to choose etc THANKS :smiley:

I’m happy to have been able to provide some helpful information. Congratulations on a successful performance! You have to start somewhere, and what a good way to start off!

Good choice on the theme. Should have really widened your appeal. Even if people didn’t understand your tricks, a glowing yoyo probably really made for an exciting show anyway.

Sounds like people really enjoyed it. Maybe you
Can make some fellow throwers from the crowed. Good job and keep it up.