Talent Show Help!!

So i joined the talent show cause i thought it sounded fun and so i could get used to performing in front of an audience (to compete in summer) but the thing is the theater im going to perform in is pretty big and the judges asked if i could get a light up yoyo. So which is better a light up FHZ or a starlite or any other suggestions and i could also use glow string :smiley: thanks!

Well the thing about the starlite is it’s glow in the dark… So you would need the stage to be dark in order for it to work. So if you want a light up yoyo the new FHZ would probably be better, but even that would look better in the dark

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I think the Starlight would be better performing though. And if you use some glow string you could have a great GITD combo. Just have them dim the lights before the show and test it before you go on stage before your actual talent show

Dude, Im in a talent show for my school(yoyoing) and me and my two friends are using the Starlite. The Starlite has AMAZING play for 24 dollars but the Freehand looks more fancy for light up. If your using glow string like me, get the starlite, it looks smoother with the string. (and if you get the fhz youll want to get a center trac for an extra ten dollars). Good Luck!

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For playing in the dark, I recommend the FHZ Pulse with the light up CW. The audience is going to see everything. Get some glowing string too.

I prefer the glowing DieNasty over the Starlite, so at least you have choices. Get a couple of inexpensive battery powered UV lights to charge it up before you hit the stage for maximum brightness.

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Um i think im going to try the FHZ for so everyone can see it better with some glow string thanks for the help

Good luck with your talent show as well

oh wait btw where can i get GITD string? i believe it ran out of stock on yye

it’s pretty easy to make. Just go over to joanns or a similar fabric store and pick up some glow thread, then spin your own. There are plenty of videos on how to spin string if you don’t know how. :slight_smile:

or google glow kitty string and you should be able to find somewhere that sells it. I can’t say the name for obvious reasons, but just check around.

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I suppose it’s too late now, but I have advice against light-up LED yo-yos, and for blacklight-reactive yo-yos and string.

Firstly, light-up string does not really exist. You can get glow-in-the-dark string, and deal with the pain in the butt of charging it, and playing with a strange string, and having it run out of “light”. Or you can put any all-poly string under a blacklight. The all-poly string will “feel” “normal” (because most people use all-poly string all the time). And it will fluoresce, or “POP”.

Secondly, the LED light-up yo-yos are not as “good” as the ones that are black-light-reactive. But I like the models of yo-yos that do NOT have a LED in them. Personal preference, you might not share the same viewpoint as me. Try them all to find out, I suppose.

Thirdly, almost every plastic glows under blacklight. Blacklight lamps are “easy” to put on a stage.

Even the YYF Neon Collection reacts under blacklight. Most plastics (both polycarb and ABS) do, too. Conjugated C=C (double) bonds are present in each. So a blacklight will make about any plastic yo-yo “POP”. No need to buy new stuff.

But constructing a blacklight- or glow- oriented freestyle is going to be tough. Hopefully you have enough time to plan, practice, critique, and streamline a good routine that you can do without mistakes come showtime.


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my advice is the following, tested and approved

  1. get a black light NEON (not the bulb ones) on stage, right below you
  2. yoyojam destiny is black light reactive and so is its counterweight
  3. any 100% poly string is also black light reactive

this goes without saying but better safe than sorry, work on a routine, give it at least a week or two, stick to the tricks you master, not the ones you’re working on. Be prepared for the stage, don’t improvise.

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Lol i won first place when i did: light up FHZ 1A they provided 2 giant blacklights… I was wearing neon clothing, i looked so good. X)