Tron-esque talent show

So I performed at my school’s talent show last year and after almost everyone said I should have used a light up yoyo. Well this year I’m listening to their advice and am doing a black light/tron legacy performance. I have two yoyos that can light up/glow and they are my fhz and my chief. The chief (with glowsticks) vibes worse than a teenager’s cell phone but has longer spin time and probably better play. The fhz is smooth but can’t grind, has less spin time and is semi responsive when the string tension is too tight. Oh yeah and to add to the tron-esque theme of my performance my music is derezzed from the tron sound track.

Here’s some pics:



Thanks for your opinions!

I’d say FHZ, because as it is for a talent show, I maybe easier for the audience to see the FHZ.

the FHZ would be much more visually appealing.

I didn’t think of that before I’ll do a visibility test tonight in my yard to see how far you can see the yoyos.

You might want to explore inexpensive blacklight solutions. You can still use light up and glow for effect, but the proper choice of a yoyo can make all the difference and not having to rely upon batteries or charging up the yoyo. Plus, you can even incorporate your attire to maximize the impact.

So, having said that, have you considered the glowing DieNasty and/or the Starlight? I have the DieNasty, contemplating the Starlight. Cheap, reliable, good performance. The DieNasty is a grinder, the Starlight is not.

Yes I have black lights so the string and my gloves will be visible. I bought a few goose neck lamps that I will be aiming up from the ground at me.

Hi there I was looking at your photos of the Chief with glowsticks and first of all it seems like you have put the sticks in the centre hub? also did u put two in each hub? also it clearly is a faded out glowstick that doesn’t do the photo justice. Let me what your thoughts and concerns were on the Chief and ill help you.

Note it is very simple to get it vibeless!!

Yeah that was a bad picture. I only have a few of the correct size glow stocks so I tried to find some so I could use the real ones for the actual talent show. The ones in the picture were too big to fit in the groove so I was able to squish them into the center cup. They probably induce a lot more vibe them the real ones. I might pick up some more of the correct ones now that they are sold here so I can practice with them without worrying about cracking my only set.

Yes I have my video tutorial up now with my glow sticks for everyone how to install them properly!!

Here is the link if you haven’t seen it yet!!

Enjoy everyone!!

Feel free to message me with any questions!! Im here to help people have fun!!


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