Glow in the dark yoyos?

I’ve been asked to perform at a bday party under a blacklight and i wanted to get a glow n the dark throw and i know there’s the die-nasty and starlite…but what are my other options??

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You could paint something with glow in the dark paint, or you could get an LED FHZ

Honestly, something like the new lighted FHZ would be more impressive at a party. 2 cents worth.

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sorry, I didn’t catch the “blacklight” part first time around. Assuming you want an unresponsive yoyo, if you have a clear FHZ that is either sticker or silicone recessed you might want to paint the inside of that with some fluorescent paint. That would really light up the room. Any of the edgeglow plastics work well under blacklight too. I think that one of the new lighted FHZs is edgeglow yellow. That would be hot.

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Any white yoyo will do.

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or if you have a lot of money to spent like 200$ you can buy a Yoyojoker Luminous.

Depends on how strong the blacklight is, my white Northstar barely responds to my blacklight. My Die-Nasty glows really well, and so do my green YYN highlights. That’s the only glow set up I have much experience with.

Proyos can be gotten in GItD. Double A looks sick in blacklite with some neon string

Clear yoyos as in see through? Like a cosmo? U could buy a cosmo from landon balks website. Appx $65 shipped

clear dm2 with glow paint

I have a Starlite and Die-Nasty. They’re both awesome, but the Starlite underneath a black light is completely insane and does glow a little better than Die-Nasty. Especially if you have white or neon green string…It looks amazing. It’s cheap, it’s a great all plastic throw. I prefer it over Northstar and Protostar even though they’re practically all the same. I love the Starlite and it glows very well. You cannot go wrong if you choose that yoyo.

Who is providing the blacklight?

I just had some experience this past weekend with some WalMart 2-foot tubes. Sucked in my opinion, I like my ADJ UV LED can better. Looking to get more LED UV fixtures though. The good part about those cheap florescent tubes was that they snapped on fast.

The show producer and I are in agreement that if we do this again and we go tube, we’re going to make our own using ballasts from a hardware store then modify them to suit our needs. Total costs won’t be that much greater and the bulbs are still cheap.

I recommend the glowing DieNasty, but that’s because I have one. A dedicated glowing item will work best short of an LED item. My experience with glowing make-up and paint is that it doesn’t last quite as long and isn’t as bright. However, most blacklight performances are relatively short and you can re-charge the stuff before you go on with a bright light source or another blacklight.

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I think looping with Duncan pulses would impress more. I think that most of the time, 2A tends to look more impressive and difficult than 1A.

My friends yellow protostar works well under black light

The OBVIOUS choice is the Starlite. It glows great, performs great! You cannot go wrong with a Starlite. I promise.

the blacklights belong to the school i’ll be at. I’m not sure what type they are or anything though.

I think i’m definitely looking at either a starlite, glownasty or even the glow prelude. I have a little while to decide though. I appreciate everyone’s advice and suggestions! the new FHZs look pretty sweet though!

I totally agree with this. The starlite is fetching amazing! Very long spin times, large gap for lots of string layers, great response, awesome bearing. There’s really only one thing i can say that i don’t like about it and that is the grinds (which could be better to say the least). Completely amazing yoyo for the price, I still need to get one actually…

Very simple, there is now a paint called luminous paint. Apply the luminous paint brush to the surface of the yo-yo, you can definitely perform at night.
I bought it on this site.

the yellow crazy-d should be glow

@YoYoExpertGarrett can you confirm if they still are?
My original yellow one was

The original post was 9 years ago.

I wonder how the party turned out?

Most of the party goers have most likely died of old age. And since dead men tell no tales.

I guess we just have to pretend everything went OK.

…In case he is still at home practicing for the party; somebody should tell him he will never land that trapeze with a beard down to his belt in the way😉