4A glow?

Despite the fact that it would be more hide and seek than actually yoyoing, I think someone should make a glow in the dark 4A throw. A 4A performance in the dark would be sweet!

Just get a white 4A and some neon string + a Uv light bulb.

I much prefer the neon glow to glow in the dark, makes a bigger impact during a routine if you have an orange or yellow glowing string come in and whip a purple looking glowing yoyo

You could glue a Shinwoo LED light up kit into many off-strings.

I prefer glow in the dark just because it can be used in complete darkness which really gives it a bigger effect. Glow string would have to be used too

These can be used in the dark, they light up. Do they blink?

Also these fit In a fiesta XX. Get two Z-Stacks and stick the half you hold in the yoyo causing the hubstacks base to stick out. Then the LEDs slide on perfectly. Technically put them in upside down.

You’re thinking waaaaaaay too complicated.  Get some glow mods, use duct tape if they don’t fit in perfectally.  It looks really cool, i’ve done it a few times.

they make a glow in the dark fiesta xx i own one

I was going to use my white fiesta under a blacklight but for some reason it does not glow at all…hmmm


YoyoJam Bigyo’s come in glow colors, and they glow very vividly!
I have used them in shows before, and they are a huge hit with the audience.