YoYo and string shining in the dark?

Hewwo people, i’m on Norway’s Got Talent 2012 and i’m looking for strings and a yoyo that shines in the dark, any advice? btw does the neon ProtoStar shine in the dark? and i don’t want starlite, any other yoyo suggestions are welcome :smiley:

Light up FHZ is the best light up throw on the market.

Does it spin long enough for like 10-15 sec combos?

Oh yes.
Also, are you looking for glow-in-the-dark or a yo-yo/string that catches the light easily?

You could probably get 3Yo3 to make you a hammerhead with a FHZ light board in it. It would probably be a lot better than the FHZ.

As for string, white is best.

You could just get a blacklight.

If you want glow in the dark strings, yoyogstring makes glow in the dark strings. They also make strings called triple threat which look regular but glow in the dark and glow in a black light

If you want glow strings buy Twisted Stringz luminos X if you charge them for like 3 minutes they will glow in the light no joke also they glow under blacklights.

I have the neon protostar and it does shine in a blacklight, but besides that, no.

tyvm <3