Best Light-up/Glow in the Dark Yoyo and string?

Ok so once I get reasonably good at this hobby, I would love to put on a small performance at this local weekly talent show (juggling, singing, dancing, even burlesque sometimes are some of the acts that frequent this show).

But instead of just standing in front of a room of people and do tricks, I want to make it more theatrical. So I would like to do the performance in the dark, or behind black light with the proper yoyo and string.

So does anyone have any recommendations on what is the best yoyo you can get that is either light-up or more preferably Glow-in-the-Dark?

Also what, if any, is the best string for the same reason?

I think glow in the dark with a black light looks the coolest, like the recent Petr Kavka video. He made custom glow caps for his yo-yo but you’ll get the same effect with a YYF Glow Protostar or Northstar and some glow in the dark g-string.

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The glow crazy D or views sunshine are the best glow yoyos I can think of

To add on to Garrett’s suggestion, the Hubstack Afterglow Edition (the white one):

Glows in the dark and lights up, so under a uv-light it’ll be quite the spectacle to behold. I took an Afterglow Hubstack to a party once and busted out some moves in the middle of a dancefloor, and people went mental. It really lights up well.  :slight_smile:

I had a glow Protostar that was very underwhelming as far as the glow went but was a top notch performer like all the Protostars I’ve owned.

The light up FHZ I owned was really fun as far as the light up aspect went and it played quite well with only 1 sticker installed as a result of the pad recess.

For your purposes I’d either get a light up FHZ or the light up Hubstack that Gambit suggested.

The only glow string I’ve owned was CLYW Slackline, played decent but the glow wasn’t anything to write home about.